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[beta] iJect (Need testers)

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So sorry to leave you guys with an unfinished product, had loads of paying work to do that came in the way of me finishing this idea. Well I was browsing aqua-soft for the first time in ages and realised I hadnt finished it. So I sat down and programmed it the way it should have been done.

So I present to you, the (hopefully) final beta of iJect.

Feel free to leave any comments and bugs, if it runs smoothly I will release asap!


iJect Final Beta.zip

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In the readme:

"Just a simple program i have mocked up to replicate the Mac Eject system.

I am using it with Object Bar, in which i have an Eject button..

i would suggest you also using it there."

Hehe, I have the older version of this program--I was about to tell you that you shouldn't name your program iJect because there was one already like it--then I realized you wrote the original program!


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Ok, i stayed up till 6 in the morning working these damn hotkeys. I found the most functional way to do it was have the draw close itself after a certain amount of time. This beta does not have any options or config for the hotkeys, but will in final release. The hotkeys work as follows

F12 - Primary CD Drive

F11 - Secondary CD Drive

F10 - .... ect..

This beta will only eject computer with maximum 5 Disc drives, although im not expecting many people to have more than that.

Hopefully this will work and il be happy... if not... let me know..

iJect 0.9 Final Beta.zip

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Yes the process still runs after you quit. but I like it because I don't like my systray fille dup stih stuff. So if there is a way as like and option somewhere; where you can disable the systray icon and still have it run (like the bug now), would be nice. Cuz all you have to do is worry about pushing a hotkey without any clutter on your tray.

Sorry if this is confusing.


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