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Happy bday GillBates


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Friends, Roman, Countrymen, lend me your rears... I mean ears... :confused:

Thank you for giving me my very own bird-day :o thread I feel honored, flattered, happy, and downright sexy all at the same time.

It is indeed a time of happiness for me even if the big 3-0 is looming big and threatening on the horizon. I shall spend my last year of my 20's aquafying this PC and hopefully next year will be able to buy my very first Apple Intel.

Thank you for the Hombres G song mu :cool: it brought back a lot of memories. And I 'll see what I can do about a new buttload... soon. ;)

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The funniest mofo that ever roamed the plains of AquaSoftea is now officially an old fart! :P

May Gods of comedy grant you a Jerry Seinfeld status, his tons of cash and his garage of Porsches, and may you bring pwning to ****s through the spiritual planes you now visit!

And in the good ol' Un-bah gansta style:


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GILL you blog-spamming mofo! Happy Birthday, watch out for those "hot" Serbian "chicks" Unbe's sending your way :P
if they turn out to be the ones he sent me for mine...then watch out ....*Dramatic pause* theyre not chicks :confused:

Not to sound like a smartass... but I kind of figured it out myself...


So much wisdom, so many answers and not an inch of humor in you.

:) - Happy Birthday, wey :P

'chas gracias wey :cool: Ya estas en Italia?
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