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Happy Bday Simon!


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Well, it's officially Sunday in jolly ole' Ipswhich, so I decided to whøre it out and beat NC, CF, Unbe et al to making the thread. So in this joyous occasion, and because I was too busy watching Father Ted, I'll make a list instead of some posh images.

Simonsim Top 10:

10) That one time that Simon opened this thing called a KDX server where we all thought the free leeching was gonna flow like it was 2001.

9) That time that Simon photoshoped Ji's picture into a Gap Ad, (and was banned from Ji's server) LOL still brings tears to my eyes...

8) The proverbial FECK ARSE GERLS WOMANS KNICKERS hour long chats late at night, thank you simon for making say feck arse gerls in realife, now people think I have tourettes

7) ONE WORD: Tentacles

6.5) Club Simon, and the many knockoffs that that inspired, cause it really did make me feel sexy

6) That one time that Simon sent me a postcard for my birthday...but oh wait..he never did send one did he? that chav

5) When Ty photoshoped Simon holding some baby knives or somethin like that, then the next day it was all over his school! HAHAHA. talk about pure pwnage

4) How I use "come hither look" every chance I get....

3) That one time that we got all excited for volumetric smoke and bilinear filtering, only to get killed by eachother's land minds

2) How Simon looks exactly like Harry Potter if you close one eye and look at the screen at a 30º angle

1) And last but not least, that one time we all caught Simon listening to Queen Latifa!! *ty has pics!!*

so have a chaviest of chav's birthday simon! dont forget the burberry check cake mkay? mkay!

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I predict that simon will wake up tomorrw with a hangover and think he's in an invisibility cloak and wander around naked like the guy from that really bad movie with the superheroes and harry potter. if you don't find this funny, get high and re-read it.

edit:made his hair black

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MU-ZIZZLE da beyatch b34t m3 t0 d4 pozt!



PS I just woke up, so what did you expect? Something REALY funny? <_<

BAH: just noticed the typos but i trashed the PSD. Oh well, it's not like our birthday boy is perfect. He's the one listening Queen Latifah afterall >.<

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