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Status of AveDesk 1.3


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looks awesome...widgets like I never thought...

Looks very flashy indeed.

one stupid question though....do you think you've ironed out the auto-mount bugs? ...

(ie- when USB and Hard Drives are connected will a shortcut appear on the desktop for them?)

Thats what im looking forward to most, a program that mounts drives onto the desktop how its supposed to...cheers.

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There are plenty of apps released that you can consider favorites, but only a VERY few are on a level all to themselves, although that list is greatly expanding. I catagorized some that way. I don't have a problem helping to offset some of the toil, time, and labor that obviously is spent in works such as AveDesk. Thanks for attention you give to requests and the time you must have to work at to impliment most of them while trying to keep the whole program stable and fully functional.

Just know 1.3 is going break desktop records in it's capabilities to WOW!

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looks just awsome... 2 programs are ever allowed to stay on my desktop forever...

1. AVEDesk

2. YzDock

looks like there are lots of effects and stuffs going inside.. but one thing is the best of AVEDesk is, it's being lightweight. so pls keep it that way. don't want it tobe a memory hog like other widget programs


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My scripter will have a widget desginer to help people make them. I'm sure after I release it people will have lots of feedback on improving it etc. But first step is to have it, and I will. :)

The scripter will be broken into 2 parts... engine and designer.. 2 seperate files to keep the engine small and memory friendly.

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I'm wetting my pants for this.

Extreme coolness... simply at awe.

I can't wait to see these very desklets

actually have XML parsing capabities,

triggering real-time updates... with

drool-dropping fluid effects. This

will fuel a new era in desktop modding.

Flipping, sucking-action... man this is

exciting! The possibilities... easier

widget authoring!? Light-weight and

flexible... hmm... ok I'll stop talking.

This is an inspiring announcement indeed. :D

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