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Official iTunes 5 thread

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So, I suppose the skin format has changed? ;)

I like the new look better than default iTunes4, but I agree that it doesn't touch my LhA skin *plug*.

... and that square LCD display? What other skin has that?

At least they got rid of the god-awful horizontal gradient. Now it's vertical.

Localhost, what are the odds of a new Mplugin release? Your final swansong?

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IMO, at first it looks horrible, I admit it takes some getting used to but the Unified Metal + Plastic look isn't that bad. It's like when people hated the way Tiger and Mail looked, eventually you'll learn to deal with it and I bet with a new Multiplugin that the UI won't look half as bad with a different titlebar since that's my only major problem with it, everything else looks better.

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I thought that with the release of the new Mail, they couldn't do worse, but I was wrong. We have the proof here...

It seems they are implementing this plastic look everywhere ( Mail, iTunes, maybe even iChat and safari soon)...

I sincerely hope they will not

Hopefully there is Shapeshifter for the Mac Users and we can rely on good skinners for the Windows users...


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@TaRuGo: updating installscript engine on your system will likely fix your prob go here http://consumer.installshield.com/kb.asp?id=Q108340

I can't stand this. Apple has been slowly killing off metal windows for a while. This is just another step in that process. The downside to this is that they chose to make it a similar style to what they did in Mail 2.0. Works for some people, but so does Luna..... worst GUI apple has put out in a while.

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** Gets up.. pick up the hammer... put my head on the table, and starts hammering **

WHY.. WHY IN THE WORLD I INSTALLED IT !!???? !! FRIGGIN SON OF $#&%@&(#$%#@ (%^#@...

allright... sorry for that outburst !!

I didn't mind that GUI at all.. untill I switched to Mini Mode.... YUCK !! it sucked...

Secondly, no Mplugin.. means no Keyboard multimedia keys.. means I have to look at that dumbass mini iTunes everytime I wanna change the song...

No Mplugin means... no Foobar passthrough... aaah... where is the sweet sound for my ears..

No Mplugin means... no more skins... arrrghhhh

wait a sec.. this isn't Mplugin thread now, is it?

** repeats the hammer method one more time **

Now am I to love apple for that nano iPod.. or Am I hate them to my guts out for iTunes 5.

in the big mode, I liked that borderless n all.. yeh, it's not that sweet like 4.x but I can live.

I even loved that gloss in info pane (the greenish one) above.. the new search feature is real cool too...

HERE is the BEST PART.... inclusion of Lyrics in the tracks.. something I really really wanted in iTunes.. now only if iPod could display 'em like album artwork (then I won't have to go back to extras>notes>lyrics on my iPod when my sis want to sing along)..

Anyways.. on Features front, iTunes 5 does keep up with big upgrade tag... on GUI front though, looks like apple might have hired some of the MS dropouts in their GUI design team. I'm gonna get a gun, put it on LocalHost's head and gonna get him do that upgrade of MPlugin on ULTRA-HIGH priority...

Till then lads.. switching back to iTunes 4.9+Mplugin 0.68 !!!

More than all the features... I can't stand loosing that Foobar Sound, afterall Music is the first priority, rest all are bells and whistles !!

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stop your whining. Apple can do what it wants with the GUI and you can think its similar all you want, but it doesnt matter.

Apple can do whatever they want, even stop the production of their products.However, we as customers have the right to say we prefered the old version, that's it!

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I've actually installed it now to check things out for myself.

That MiniPlayer window is probably the worst Apple design I've seen in a long time.

To make matters worse, I intentionally installed to a different dir to make for an easy uninstall - and now I find that the installer removes old versions of iTune regardless *and* does a library database update when you first run iTunes5.

Anybody know if the this new library data is still compatible with v4.9? I gues there's only one way to find out... (uninstalls iTunes)

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Well, I'm having a strange issue with the new iTunes... Shared music doesn't seem to work properly. I'm able to share my music and see the icon for shared music. But when I click on the expansion, it doesn't show me anything new. It works on another install I did, just not mine. Funny thing is, people can see my share and stream music from it.

Anyone else have a similar problem or know how to fix it?

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WTF - I prefer this UI :confused:

I agree...

The brushed stuff gets old too quickly for me, and I really dont mind the new "slimmer" look. Most of all though, I like the search bar. Makes for a more powerfull search, and saves me the time of offten typing in both artist and album.

I'm happy I made the update, but the 33mb download was utter stupidity. It would be nice if they could make a version without video support in... well that's just my oppinion anyways.

edit... I'm likeing this even more now, now that I can add lyircs to my tunes :cool:

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