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New Mac Emulation Site!....but in need if info

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ive seen so many other people try to make "the next big thing" in the aqua community- the don't last and aquasoft and osx-e have got everything covered..

You first went wrong when you say "new mac emulation site" youre not emulating anything (from what i can tell reading the thread so far) you might want to get you terminology right, before you "own" the existing top sites.

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I understand what you're trying to do, I just don't understand why you think the internet world needs another Mac emulation site.

OsX-e keeps up with all of the available programs neatly divided into categories, along with tutorials and reviews.

Aqua-Soft has the best forum for discussing/getting support for said programs.

What are you going to add to that that's different or unique?

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