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[Release] miniMIZE public beta (1.0.24)

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this hapens with some other apps that minimizing to tray (like emule). Exclusion list is strongly needed!!!

And another bug. when minimizing photoshop cs2, thummbnail is showing not main window but child window, it happens in icon workshoop5.1 too.

1.Make exclusion list

2.make working save settings

3.Make better shadow(without shadow it looks ugly, i think that normal mode should be by default not pin to desktop)

4.make it donationware

And i will pay you for this cutie app :)

Sorry for my english

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nightcrawler1089 - yeah, the issues with win+D and win+M is similar and I am looking into it.

chun - captions below the thumbnails should be fine, and I'll add them to the feature list. As for choosing icons, I do have some ideas for that but will only come later.

mmanson132 - I don't use itunes, but I have seen similar issues with skype. I'm also not too sure why that happens, and I am looking into it. As you say, an exclusion list is definately needed and is on the feature list.

Nicesnake - The effect you are seeing with photoshop is because of a fix that I have had to include for all delphi applications. I'm going to need to find a way to determine the difference between delphi apps and other apps.

I have fixed the settings bug, and am looking into shadows.

Thanks again everyone for the support, I'm glad everyone likes it. :)

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nice...looking forward to future development...

if you're interested in some suggestion's here are mine;

*Make it so you can choose where the windows minimise into thumbs (eg-left side of screen or whatever)

*Make it so that thumbs stay either on top of windows or appear when you mouse over them.

*Perhaps make it scale into the thumbnail instead of the taskbar- not sure if this would work well or not...

nice idea...

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