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[Release] miniMIZE public beta (1.0.24)

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Ok, so I am fairly happy with the stability of miniMIZE and have decided to offer a public beta, mainly because there was a fair amount of interest in miniMIZE, but also to try and get more people to help find any outstanding issues as well as to get some more ideas for the direction miniMIZE should be taking.

It shouldn't blow up your pc or cause you to loose data, but there are one or two small bugs still present. You have been warned and all other disclaimers etc apply.

You can get it here

The official forum for miniMIZE is here

And there is an irc channel on freenode setup - #minimize

You can also PM me here if you have any major pressing issues.

Thank-you for various help during development:




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This worked for one window only, and only on the first time I ran it... Minimized my Explorer window beautifully, but didn't do anything with any other programs I opened and minimized. I thought it might need a re-start, which I did, and now it doesn't do anything at all. It's a nice idea - I wonder why it's not working for me. BTW, I also run TopDesk, in case that might have anything to do with it...

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works like a champ!


2 suggestions (yes, i'll go ahead and register at your forum...): 1) would love to have my mini's be y'z shadow aware. 2) i currently use all2tray to keep my taskbar clean, but would love to have minimize handle that. more specifically, i'd like to see nothing in the notification areas. it don't need it.

anyways, this is awesome!!!!! thx!

edit: i just noticed that if i 'pin to top' there is a little shadow added. nice touch. instead of number 1, maybe add shadow customization...? hell, i don't ask for much! :)

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ok i installed it-but what does it do? or how to work it? i odnt know what im supposed to do

is this like expose?

You start the program and minimise some other programs, then look at your desktop to see the priddy new images!

Andreas, that sounds awesome! I know the shadows don't show when pinned to desktop and illumination was a bit miffed about that :)

It never shows up in my taskbar, not sure what'd be causing that! - just realised you were wanting it to remove programs from the taskbar, whoops! :o

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Great lil app :)

Fast, reasonable resources usage (6-8megs of RAM) and usefull.

As others have mentioned i would love to have the thumbnailed windows with shadow.

Also it would be great if we could set the "margins". For example minimized windows are covered with shadow from my taskbar and i have to move them by hand.

One thing i noticed is that "Place thumbnails on" option is greyed out. Is that on purpose or is it a bug?

Thanks for a great lil app :)

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Echo what the Unbeliever is mentioned, this is a great proggy and see my MB numbers are similar on XP Pro.

Thanks for the release. A couple of things to bring out and i'll add them to your forum, would like to see a "diagonal" style overlap (steps) showing minimized windows if possible (very cool), did notice when changing size say to 200 instead of default 100 that setting revert back to default after closing. It's really worth pointing out this is a fine effort & appreciate it. It's also great to be able to adjust minimize window sizes, no minimalistic here so thanks bunches for that.

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Very look little app... great work. A little bug it doesn't seem to change to monitor 2 (strangely my Primary monitor is monitor 2) anyway once set is simply shows nothing. Exiting and restarting didn't help. Changing back to Monitor 1 and it worked fine.

Also option for single click to restore would be nice.

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Thanks for the response guys. I really appreciate the compliments :)

Sorry for the late reply, but I have had a busy weekend mixed with some internet troubles.

Ok, now to answer some of the questions, and thanks a stack to kez for helping out with some answers before I was able to get back here.

firecracker6 - I will add the minimize to desktop animation to the feature list, it's inclusion will just depend on complexity

manjusura - It is possible that TopDesk is interfering, I am not sure tho, because if it works for one window, it should work for all. Can you try exiting TopDesk and seeing if that helps and letting me know so I can know if I need to look into it some more.

shmengie - Yeah, shadows are currently working, but not if the thumbnails are pinned to the desktop. As for removing the notification icon, I'll add that as an option

farhan - I have more plans for positioning the thumbnails, just wanted to get core functionality out there. Will add your positioning requests to the feature list

AndreasV - :) thanks. I really appreciate the offer to help with shadows. I'll get hold of you on PM if that's ok.

nightcrawler1089, Ghostwalker - Removing the taskbar buttons was actually in the code, but it didn't work predictably enough, so I took it out. I looked at RKLauncher and I think I have an idea how to proceed, so that should be in the next version.

nightcrawler1089 - Win+D should work if you have the thumbnails are pinned to the desktop, or are you talking about making thumbnails for other non-minimized windows?

farhan - single click will be no problem, added it to the feature list.

Unbeliever - will add a margins feature to the positioning feature list. As for the "place thumbnails on" option, that is for multi-monitor support, so if you have more than one monitor and it is still greyed out, then it is a bug.

Mirror - Added requests to positioning feature list and I have managed to re-create the bug where it's not saving the thumbnail size, but I haven't managed to work out what it is doing yet, because it seems to be a release build only bug.

shmengie - As kez mentioned, exclusion list is planned for a future version.

lid - strange that the other monitor doesn't work for you. I'll see if I can recreate that. As for the monitor numbering, that is directly from windows, so it should match up with the numbering in the desktop settings panel. If not, it's a bug and I'll need to look into it.

Thanks again guys for the support, it really means a lot. I'll see if I can fix some bugs and release another beta as soon as I can. :)

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Great App!

What if in the next release, the window has an animation as it minimizes to the desktop and when it restores? kinda like winFx but only that feature. also could you add an option to tell the app to create the minimized window icon within a certain area so that it doesnt get overlapped by the ObjectDock, Konfab, or the taskbar? Thx man!

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not sure if anyone else has this problem with iTunes. if i have iTunes set to minimize to tray, when i minimize it the thumbnail shows up (like it should), but when i restore iTunes (double click on the thumbnail), i cannot get itunes to minimize again without going to the tray icon and clicking show itunes, then i can get it to minimize again, but the process starts all over again next time i restore iTunes.

so i guess exclusion list would fix this problem, but didnt know if it was a possible bug or if this might occur with any apps that minimize to tray

thunderbird works ok with the extension to minimize to tray.. so it might be just iTunes.

thanks for the spectacular release and keep up the outstanding work!

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