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Wheres Aero-soft?


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Sorry, the boards have been taken offline, Aero-Soft may not be returning. Please stay tuned for more information over at Aqua-Soft.org, we'd like to thank the community for everything, it was fun while it lasted; but things just did not work out as planned.



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we might as well just make this a site with both. :P really.

cant we have aero type releases here too?

gosh, is it that big of a deal? it was a little while ago bc lots of people started using aero gui stuff, but it seems now, even mac users are using aero like gui. we might as well let it back in to aqua-soft. this site is more than aqua anyways, whether anyone likes it or not.

// Lou

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The community there was slowly dieing... I had no desire to keep the site up long, was hoping deadzombie would return and regain control. But that didn't work out as planned, and some of the other staff were just sick of it and suggested that we like it die. I will be adding "1" forum for "aero" stuff on aqua-soft. It is a hot topic yes... it was a sister site yes... it can have its one forum here. I don't want to hear no *****ing about, oh this is aqua-soft lets keep it purley aqua.

I'd like to thank those that donated to help get that vb3 license, I refunded your donations, the site has not be removed, all the files and database(s) are in tack, so you never know what the future might bring... only time will tell.

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My suggestions as to what could happen..... A lot of the sub-forums from Aero-Soft could easily be merged into Aqua-Soft, and any increase in size that is caused by this can be balanced by introducing some moderators form Aero-Soft to moderate at Aqua-Soft. That should solve any problems..... Anyway, just my ideas... Just merge the forums, and have both aero-soft and aqua-soft wordpress front-ends link to the same forums, that way front page news for aqua and aero soft can still be kept seperate. Good luck with whateve happens.

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Sid just wants this site to die so that he can finally launch his own twisted Aqua community. He will revert back to his evil ways of not too long ago and rule the Aqua community with an iron, spike-studded fist.

He is just biding his time...

won't happen :P every aqua-knock off site dies after a month.

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