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A complete guide on how to change your Windows XP to Mac OS X

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Nicely done...I remember the old tutorial too, and I'm glad this was updated.

Not to be rude or anything, but it looks like you could help with spelling and grammar (English isn't your first language, is it?)...do you want assistance?

Also, I (and probably Unbe) would appreciate it if you could ask one of us before taking entire sentences out of our newsposts, and not even crediting them to us (the "ever since flyakite..." second paragraph linked below is Unbe's, and the last two paragraphs are mine). I would have given you permission instantly, but it's nice to know if some of my material is being used :).


[Edit: Also, I found a mistake on the Dashboard page:

http://www.osx-e.com/articles/emulation_manuals6.html ;)].

Good job, though.


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I appreciate your comment, and yes, english is not my 1st language and I'm never good in writing. But I just want to create a guide because I'm tired of lots ****ie question asked in my forum.

Some on the content have been taken from various resources including newspost here, files description, wikipedia etc. I'm working on a credit pages now and I will list down all the resources that I'd use to create the manual. I'm apologize for my mistake publish it without asking your permission first.

Most of the error in description and links is being highlighted by my forum members and I'd fixed most of them. But I will appreaciate any feedback, comments or suggestion to make this guide better.

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Guest chepillin

Mr Alang, would you mind to do a file containing the whole article (i.e. a rar file)?

That way I can store and distribute it. I have many friends wanting to do the deskmodding but they need such a great guide like yours to do it. Your website and forums will be promoted since deskmodding is always evolving and your site is good to view regularly.

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This tutorial is finised, exactly when I start mine....

How complete is yours exactly?

Any traces of windows? :P

My one will eliminate every trace that your computer is actually windows (except that it uses .exe extensions, etc)

I find it unusual that you have entire chapters on one small thing (ei. icons)

Anyway, I hope yours will be useful...



I have had a quick read of your tutorial, it is very good, but it doesn't get your computer perfect...

Sorry, but I can't tell you how to improve it yet. sorry.

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I wrote the tutorials just for anyone that might need that. If you would like to write another tutorials about the same topic, you're welcome. Maybe yours is better than mine and would be a great benefit for the whole community.

Although the title is said a complete guide, but I know its still far from complete. And if you think your tutorials is more complete, just publish it, I would be happy to read it too and use as a guideline. I never think to compete with anyone, I do it because I haven't seen an up to date tutorials that will provide a guide for ****ies.

I try to make each section into different chapter to avoid confusion although the chapter is just contain a few words. As I said, its never finish, and I keep updating it everyday.

Its sad that you just give a comment but couldn't give a suggestion on how to make it better. Maybe you just want to keep it all for your tutorials. Nevermind, I just glad to do my part and hope after this, more senior people will write their own tutorials.

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hi alang & nightcrawler1089

well i am not a **** on either mac or a pc however i must say that the literature has been an enormously knowledgeable piece of read.

thanks a lot to u & ALL those who contributed in making that guide.

its definately worth a bookmark & re-read n thats exactly what i am doing!

thanks again!

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