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As of this morning, i am doing free web design for people just starting out with their sites and want a good unique look. This thread, and emailing me, are the only ways i guess that you can get more information about it, or ask for a design. I'll do the best i can at making you a website that fits your needs. This is free, but i do ask that you put a small banner (a few pixels in hight and length) or a link to my site.

So, if anyone wants a site, just hit me up with a PM, a reply, or email



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i hope you aren't refering to a design that looks like your site. the first mistake is the most noticable centered entries with headings that are the same weight and size which means your site has almost none contrast except for the white header. and the cheesy -[HOME!]- header. plus why do you use graphics for the text in that black nav? that could be done with text because there isn't any special need for graphics like a super spectacular sexy hover. and the blue links on a blue bg...

the MAIL was better

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Pat, i know you just love to point out peoples mistakes and wrongdoings, but lemme tell you something. The home page of my site, is underconstruction, and constantly changing. Every week there is a new look to it. I also have it set to 800X600, because the majority of people who view my site are local folks who dont know what a computer is, let alone change the resolution on their screens. Maybe, if you told me how to fix these problems instead of criticizing, then that would help. Would you be willing to do that?

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uncenter/unbold your entries, make the headings more noticeable ie typface change, size change, COLOR change. you don't need a useless "-[home]-" "header" it'd be just as easy to create a small note on the nav which page is active. obviously if you don't make the nav with graphics you make it with text like i said. some visual feedback like ahover with different color or effects like a stroke change would be better. and links are the worst contrast because they are blue on blue which is just horrible. also the box on the top looks like it's a search box but it does nothing. what's that for? btw i didn't complain it was skinny--it's not skinny.

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@raul: yeah YOUR site is so good. it has a splash page AND it opens in a BRAND NEW WINDOW! more ui confusion for the user. and your grey slashie background is sooo cool. the nav looks funny. btw. it's not "plain" orange. it happens to be a bright orange with a white entry [no tables.. wtf]. my site at least is INTERESTING and UNIQUE it breaks through the typical [cough*yoursite*/cough] centered wordpress kubrick right nav bar left headings entries centered header blog layout.

@pf: yes i like that website but the text for the nav looks weird [pixely? blurry? jaggy? eh no adj to describe it].. and hovers would look good. and jaggy corners.

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ROFL, mr. underpriviledged... if you read the first post on my site it will understand why I"m using wordpress, why I don't put effort on my site. I wanna see what you gonna ahve to say when you see my new one....

UI confusion for the user? ROFL how can a new window confuse you?

ps* don't hate on my slashie dottie splash, because you know you like it ;)

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it's common sense really. would it make sense to either open a door and be in a house, or open a door and then open another door to get into a house. besides some obvious places. ie. a bird zoo thing where it is necessary to prevent birds from escaping...

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Guys, no need to argue. Its flat fact that different people at different stages of development are going to have differing levels of skill and experience at their disposal. I've worked in graphic design for 5 years and still look at the web sites and creations of some of my peers and think "wow... how the hell did you do that?".

Pops, I think what you are doing is a great idea... Its a good way of getting some experience and some work to put in your portfolio. As for your website, yes, it could do with a little work, but pat went about his "criticism" the wrong way. Pat, although i have taken the last few months off to deal with a new job and new responsibilities, I'm back now, and I've been around here long enough to know that being insulting of peoples hard work is not the way this community should work - If you want to criticise, then please, do it constructively... And come on... you should know better by now than to insult the work of someone who is eager and learning and who obviously just wants to give something back to the community... you were there once...

Anyway, I'm gonna go back to seeing what i missed in my abscence. Good luck, Pops.

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