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Darrell, Ellada,

thanks for your comments !

uhm.. that's my mod based on Nano visual,

so if i get the permission from Nano's author, i'll release it soon

as you know guys,,, for Releasing, a little time is needed to me :)

Correct me if I'm wrong, not being too familiar with all VS details - but aren't you using elements of Sticboy's "Untitled" as well ?

Looking great anyhow - working in VOID myself it feels like home ;)

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Looks like hobbes took the advice for changing the apple and the spotlight very straight forward :P

The slick rectangular widgets call for a dilemma when designing the window corners. I suggest you sharpen the doc titlebar like you did the metal window.

Are the Finder toolbar buttons "final" ?

Keep it up, great potential.

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Lovely setup, very subtle and balanced. Nothing beats B&W photography IMHO.

I'd like to hear people's thoughts on this : this wallpaper gradient goes from a lighter top to a darker bottom. Evidently you can flip it vertically. What would be the ground rules in usability, ergonomics, … Or is this a rather silly question ?

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