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[WIP] Ghost | Glow

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As I previewed a while ago, I have been working on finishing off some of my projects... that was true up until my PC died to a power surge. Well, my PC is back up and running and I haven't found a broken file yet so, hopefully, things will get back on track.

Anyway, I previewed a small image:


This is the extension and new name of my Ghost in the Shell icon project. Ghost (The White/Black styles) | Glow (The coloured versions) is coming along nicely, all I need is ideas for what other folders you would like.

I currently have:

Documents Folder

Games Folder

Favourites Folder

Media Folder (CD)

E-Mail Folder

Plain Folder

I'm also hoping to do some Hard Drive icons, so if you have ideas for them post those as well.

Here is the E-mail folder for people to use while they wait for the rest of the pack.


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Bonus Preview of how the new filetype icons look. These are almost finished already btw, and will be released with the older GITS style I previewed a long time ago.

EDIT: I'll remember to correct the shadow on this icon before it's released. :)


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