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I tried one of these apps in the past and it was the type that you set and it exits. Problem was after changing resolution it would lose it's settings and would have to be run again. Gonna give you app a try so here's hoping. The primary reason for me to use it is to utilise the space behind the taskbar when using trasparent taskbar.

EDIT: Nice job here but same problem occurs with resolution changes. I still havn't found a progmra that will allow the taskbar to be always on top AND allow windows to maximise behind it.

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I just got an email about this problem. Here is the fix that I am comming up with.

I will save your settings.

If you place this in the startup where is what I will allow it to do. It will load your last settings, apply them, then hide itslef. If there is something else I should do, please let me know. I am not on this board much anymore, so sorry for the late replies. You can email me at [email protected] with questions or suggestions

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wooo this looks great guys and gals im gonna try this out straight away....btw does your desktop background stay the way it is or do you get black spaces?

edit: it doesn't leave funny black spaces but what ive found is that the changes don't stay around for long!

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Hey djwilliams, this looks great. I've been following the development of programs that restrict the size of windows/implement a screen margin/however one would call the effect. The problem is that I have only ever seen two methods for doing it--the way shellinit does it, which is pretty useless because a ton of programs reset it and consequently it has to be run every 5 minutes for what it's worth. The other is WindowFX, but ever since I upgraded my WindowBlinds, WindowFX's maximum Windows feature has completely blown up.

In any case, is yours possibly a new method? Or a play on the way shellinit does it, which, I think, is the general way programs of its kind implement the actual effect? Obviously I'll be trying it out for myself, but essentially I still have yet to find a program that actually does it without bizarre quirks. Either way, definitely, much thanks.

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Ok, I have coded it to save your settings as you create them....and when you start the program it will automatically resize your desktop to the last settings you choose.


And as for other applications changing the desktop area, we cannot control that. All I can suggest is to resize the desktop again with my app. I will continue to explore a way to allow this to be permanent...

Hope this fix helps alittle.

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Well, it is possible to monitor the changs, but simple thingsl ike moving your taskbar, or unlocking it, or running certain apps and games will reset it. And am sure you dont want your desktop resized while in the middle of playing a game. I will try to work out a fix for this though. Maybe a simple keystroke to restore the settings like [F7] or something like that...

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Maybe a simple keystroke to restore the settings like [F7] or something like that

Lol why didn't I think of that. Using XBar a shortcut for one of the multimedia keys on my desktop should work well. Understood you point about games etc, I'm surprised that there seems to be no way to have the taskbar always on top and allow windows to open behind it, it's either/or..:(

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