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Ipod Earphones

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I'm really enjoying my ipod shuffle, but was wondering where to buy an extra pair of the 'standard' earphones (the ones that come with it). I've looked at the apple-store website, but all I see are high-tech, kinky headphones.

Because the default ones match with my shoes really well, I would like to buy another pair of 'm.

Anyone know where to buy those?

For extra clearity: I mean these:


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Thanks for the link, but two of 'em are hongkong phony's. I rather buy these things from a reseller or shop :)

Another requirement is that I have to be able to get them in Europe (The Netherlands), or they should be able to be shipped to Holland.

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That is really odd....why wouldn't apple have them on their website? Have you tried calling their 800 number? They may sell them to you over the phone.

Edit: According to some of the posts I read in the Apple discussion, those who needed a new pair due to damaged earphones received them by calling Apple.....so I think you should try that. Although, the shipping may costs just as much as a the earphones since you are in the Netherlands. :(

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