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[Release] Silkstream

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Hello folks ;)

Couldn't go outside due to the typhoon around town,

so been fiddling around with Photoshop (again), and came up with this..

Hope someone will like it :cool:

NOTE: I suck at naming things, so... apologies in advance if this name

is copyrighted by some other respectful company/organization. Contact me

and I'll think of a new name ASAP.. :P




2 Wallpapers, 6 Sizes each

JPG Format

Normal & Widescreen

Update: Silkscreen Monofour (I told you I suck at naming things...), 4 Wallpapers, trying to stick to a monotone scheme.. I really hope you liked them.. :P

Due to the size I've separated them into four zips..

NOTE: Known Side-Effects: Sickness to silk-like objects, wavy horizontal lines and the word "deelo" have been reported by some individuals. Use with caution.. :slant:


[email protected]

SIlkscreen mod [email protected]

Silkscreen Monofour

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Whoa, can't thank you all enough :D

I was just curious, but would you guys mind telling me which

version is better, I mean the "silkyness" of the wallpaper.

The threads are a lot more subtle on the first release,

on the mod version, the threads are rougher, thicker...

I was about to release another 2 this afternoon, but I'm not sure

which one would be more acceptable :P

Thanks again everyone ;)

Have a nice day!!

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