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the theme is Mac OSX 10.3 (but its actually tiger, i dont know why. Personalized), and before i installed the OB mod, i had OB 1.5

I made a complete copy of the OB Program Folder, and then added the 3 files included in the OB_mod......maybe im using OB 1.5 files with a OB 1.65 executable? maybe thats the problem?

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....maybe im using OB 1.5 files with a OB 1.65 executable? maybe thats the problem?

That's a very odd way of doing it, but that would be my first guess yes. Just install OB 1.65, and then the mod. You can then change the container style of "Finder menu" to #2. That should do the trick. All other container styles should be #1

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To change "Finder" into active application or window name:

-In the Theme editor, go to Finder Menu>Finder>Display> Enable "Use the active window's text..yada yada"

Regarding the theme, post a screenshot of what you have. The one I'm using is practically the same as on OS X, but the menu's are transparent black. It's a personal mod though, so I can tell you up front that I'm not sharing it. But maybe you can try out some of crni's themes

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Hi guys, anybody know how to making the "change active menu and hide any menu" wok properly (maybe a mod just like this....great job dude)?it wont work for adobe reader,photoshop and many more.thanks.

you mean the Exclusions List doesn't work?

@alabanco, yup, the link is down. do you want the file?

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nope, the exclusion list is working.it just i want to make my bar really looks like mac so i don't need menu in explorer or in any application.when i'm activate that option, it's really change the appearance of bar, but when I'm click the menu from bar it's empty no drop down.(maybe that's why exclusion list needed...lolz).any idea? .thanks 0_^

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hmm, just noticed that obbar indeed does not render adobe reader's dropdown menus, just empty menus... well, anyway it is in my exclusion list, as well as resource heavy graphics editors like GIMP...

it is not a perfect world, and as stardock says, it cannot anticipate all the apps in the world. you just have to live with it (and/or wait for some savvy programmer for tweaks).

or buy a mac LOL!

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I downloaded this and put it in my Objectbar folder under program files, but it doesn't do anything. Am I missing something?

if you downloaded the .zip file that i posted, ignore the folder 'ob_mod' and extract the files directly to Objectbar folder. Before doing so, backup the original objectbar.exe as it will be replaced, and remember, version is 1.65...

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