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[release] Motorola RAZR V3 Icons

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How are PNGs not the right format for icons?

Oh and I wasnt really trying to get any credit for these. I just made them and thought Id share for anyone else to save them the time.

Thanks for resizing them, I run Linux and the size of the icons doesn't matter for file manager I use.

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the correct icon format would be ICO or ICNS or an iContainer.

yes 128x128 is correct, especially note that icons are square...

also you just magic wanded or magnetic lasso'd an ugly compressed image and saved it. this isn't even an icon.

jacksurfer's are better

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Pyn.... I'd hate to say it, but if you have a problem with the icons, just move on to a different thread. They are dock or AveDesk icons, not app icons. Many people also release PNGs only to satisfy everyone (people can convert 'em themselves).

Not everyone has the ability or the time to magic wand every little picture they see. Most people suck at it too (you know), but these are quality cut and paste goodies. Don't crap in a perfectly good thread just because they don't meet your expectations.

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Nice job dominatus, I hope that what pat said doesn't stop you from posting here, because I've seen many members leaving this forum because of him (Tricky) .... don't worry about him, he'll criticize anything that doesn't fit his standards in other words (he was rejected by his mom when he used to be a fetus)

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clotz, it's looks pretty cool, but you cut the shadow a little bit...

Ok, it is now fixed, sorry I didn't notice that when I was viewing it earlier.

(If it does not appear to be fixed, reload the picture and it will show the new version)



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