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Dashboard WidgetDock

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SioSae, i think the real dashboard dock on mac is doing the "desktop slide up" thing with a screenshot. and by the way, the more widgets arrow works as loop, which means you don't have to click on the other side's arrow to go back to the first page, try it.

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I have a specification:

I modified your widget a bit:

The icon size is 79x80. i think yours are smaller wich makes them blurry.

Try to make them at the original size and decrease the vOffset. Works for me.

And guess what... if the icons are at their original size and not scaled, animation is smoother ;)

:D I've tried this on my 750MHz and 128 RAM PC

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@ tarik

About that ripple effect.. i think... correct me if I'm wrong ... that Apple uses a rendering engine like Microsof's Internet Explorer... I am talking about page transitions in IE.

So... basically speaking... if there could be a way to call the IE transitions from Konfabulator... that might work (don't forget Konfabulator is based on JScript ;) )

But again... i guess that would need a lot of resources... so... SioSae... i think you should keep the widget simple. It's cooler :D

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sorry for the delay,

but here is the screenshot of the WidgetDock v2.0. It will be available for testing this evening and hopefully released tomorrow evening if there aren't many bugs :)


I had to change a few things in the widget manager as you can see in the screenshot:

- add widget with the new button

- used my delete button

- if a widget file is missing it will be shown as you can see in the screenshot, clicking the item will open a file dialog for choosing a new widget file location

- the checkbox has three states: disabled, enabled and spawning

- click on the widgets name to set a custom one

other new features:

- of course the whole widget manager icon thing in the bar

- bar switching is a loop now

- icons aren't glowing anymore, just getting dark and back once

whats not implemented:

- widget bar isn't resizable yet

- drag and drop

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about the icon size, i was surprised myself about the icon size, but on every image of the dock i got the icons are the exact size as i made them in the dock. dont know why they scaled them and didn't leave the icons original sized.

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dont ask my why, but if you move the mouse while the dock is animated the animation is choppy, if you dont move the mouse, the animation is a lot smoother.

i will wait for launch of konfabulator 2.1 and hopefully can release an optimized version

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dont ask my why, but if you move the mouse while the dock is animated the animation is choppy, if you dont move the mouse, the animation is a lot smoother.

i will wait for launch of konfabulator 2.1 and hopefully can release an optimized version

oh yeah you r right. hehe i didnt realize that b4. i can live without moving the mouse for a sec;)

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here is the link for the prefinal version of widgetdock 2.0


As always: you can use your existing config file, just make sure it is in the widgetdock directory. and it is best you delete the old resource dir and put the new one in the widgetdock directory (i hope they will fix that bug with konfab2.1 so the whole folder wont be necessary anymore).

it would be really nice if you would test it a little bit and tell me if there is anything wrong.

thank you very much for your help making the widget better.


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I did notice something that might be a bug, although right away i noticed a big improvement from the previous releases, great job!

Its hard to explain so bear with me..

I have 11 widgets in the bar, so it fills up the first page perfectly. I added another widget using the widget manager, so now there is an option to go to two screens of the dashboard bar, one which only has one widget in it.

Now I tried to remove the widget, hoping the bar would automatically return to the previous full page of widgets, instead it sort of locks up on me until i close and restart, where it properly shows the first 11.

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Great work - and it's just getting better and better! Looking forward to drag and drop, as I assume that'll make it easier to shift widgets about on the dock...? Could you make 'Manage Widget...' go away once it's been clicked? And how about making it less obtrusive visually - over on the right?

And - oooh, that animation is so smooth!

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this is my first post in here so I'd like to say hello to everybody first.

your widget is very impressive SioSae!

although I noticed a little bug but I don't know if it's due to the widget or to konfab. when I'm in konsposé and I lauch a widget from the dock, the widget opens in background and i have to quit konsposé to be able to use it.

has anyone else noticed this bug or did I do something wrong?

again great work!

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i will try to do what you did and see why it isn't shown correctly


yes, thats what it mean. about the "manage widget" image. i don know if it go away if you click it once and i dont know if that would make sense because then you cant hide the widget manager icon without switching the bars (and if you have only one bar, you cant hide the icon at all). setting the image on the right is user unfriendly because you have to move the whole screen width after clicking the manage widget icon to get to the widget manager icon on the left side of the bar. dont you think?


hi. this is a common problem in konfab. hope they will fix it in the new version coming in a few days.

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Well I noticed that if you have the widget manager open, and then you exit konspose without closing it, it won't be there when you go back into konspose. Then when you try to open it again, it won't come up.

The scrollbar in the widget manager has some problems. Sometimes when you scroll down and then go back to the top, it will cut off the widgets at the top.


Just open your widgets and set them to be in konspose only. Then the next time you open them they should appear in konspose.

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