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sort mechanism is available, unfortunately the default sort mechanism is case sensitive (?!) so iTunes comes after Weather for instance. dont ask me why.

about the slide on top thing? what do you mean? you can set the widget to konspose only (that means, it can not always be on top) or on top and it is topmost and will slide on top.

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i'm talking about the entire desktop slids upward when the widget dock appears at it's bottom (like on a mac) which means you might have a dock background (including the desktop screenshot) that covers the entire screen. but it can't be on topmost then.

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thanks for sending me the file again SioSae. nice update!

about the glowing effect. it doesn't seem to stop normally. most of time it leaves a bit of yellow on top of the icon, and i have to reload the dock to get rid of that.

an option to enable/disable this function would be nice too.

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will be fixed and option will be added for the next release.

although i haven't the resources yet, i begun to change the look and feel of the pref dialog to mimic the new dashboard manager. :-)

next update will be on monday night!


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Just downloaded . Hi SioSae and everyone here ,this is very nice indeed !!! Works very well .

However , I have a battery.widget , loads correctly , but I have no png for it on the dock to choose...instead I have filght tracker . ? and for the picture frame ?

Where to find pngs?

And for the daily dose , and stickies , where to find the .widget?

That was strange , I edited manually the config to have the right paths for .widgets and pngs . . I closed the dock to edit the .config. Saved , and op)ened the dock again . The paths you settled before were back ...:-(

But most strange , clicking the icons showed no error , all widgets worked !!! With a wrong path .

Can you explain what to do please . >Thanks for your patience - the dock is FABULOUS !!!

regards , nar

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