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thanks to all of you.


where are the differences? (besides the drag and drop of widgets to the desktop with this nice morphing effect and of course all the features my widget has and the original dock hasn't ;-))

wanted to make a big new release but releasing a v2.9b instead.

will have the following changes:

- fixed a bug on closing the widget manager while its icon is shown in the dock

- fixed a bug when select new location of lost items

- fixed a bug preventing the widget from loading/working on a mac

- changed tooltips on the items, showing the items name too now

- new context menu entry: "hide widget manager icon" will directly open the manager window by clicking on the "manage widgets..." button (and of course hide the icon for the widget manager)

- new context menu entry: "set wheel opacity..." to change the opacity for the wheel button only

- new language: french (and hopefully danish too)

- enabled the use of Application Icons again (in the context menu "Using Program Icons")

- fixed a bug in the drag&drop feature

thats it so far.

any suggestions if i missed something important are welcome.


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because i didn't got the translation of the new strings in time. sorry, had to finish yesterday. but i will get a danish translation today and if i get your french one too i will release a revised v2.9b with the two additional languages.

did you try to download it again and give it another try?


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Ok I found. I put WidgetDock in debug mode.

I saw:

"[WidgetDock] TypeError: Languages[preferences.language.value] has no properties (localization.js: Line 58)

onLoad failed. Most likely an exception was encountered."

I write "include("french.js");" in 'localization.js' and I include 'french.js'.

Finally, WidgetDock work. The problem was that the language used in 2.9a was french. As it was not included in the new version, the widget created an error.

Thus the preferences are not saved in "documents & settings//local settings/application data/yahoo/widget engine/...". Maybe in the Windows registry.

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yes, maybe there too.

and maybe this error wouldn't occur if you didn't change the name of the widget file itself (from widgetdock2.9b.widget to widgetdock.widget i suppose). i give the widget file a new name every time i release a new version because of possibly occuring problems with earier versions. i have to think about a mechanism to prevent such things from happening.

thanks for your investigation.


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I have finished the translation of 'readme.txt' and the new items in 'french.js'. I included them in WidgetDock and WidgetDockMod. I have make a small modification in ' WidgetDock.kon' (I included the icon in the security dialog).

I would like to know if the addition of the french language helped or not. I do not know if there is french community in this forum.

Oh yes. I know where the values of the preferences are saved. In the Windows registry, [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareYahooWidgetEngineWidgets].

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This is really quite amazing, in fact i downloaded yahoo widget engine and this is the only widget i'm running off it (i know, its a WIDGETdock and you're supposed to use the widgets).

one small request: i use rklauncher, which has an always on top setting. is there a possibility to make this dock expand on top of rklauncher, because otherwise it gets in the way (and i dont want to autohide it, and i need it on top of other windows)

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Hi SioSae,

i downloaded Yahoo! widgets on my new mac machine (with intel processor) and all widgets working apaprt when i am trying to launch widgetdock suddenly the whol Yahoo! widget program stop responding and i have to do force quit.

I assume it's something to do with compatiblity for this widget with new mac (universal) am i the only one having this problem ? and are you planning to launch new updates that include fix for this bug ?



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