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i'm having a problem when I try to run widgets from the dock (dock v. 2.9 and widget engine ver. 3.0.1): it just does nothing at all. i even tried to run them all to confirrm running a widget not made by Yahoo widgets but no luck. is this just me and/oor wil it be fixed in the next dock version? (it runs apps and folders fine)


nevermind, i just had to change the checkboxes on the widgets to the cascade looking thing (sry, dont know what thats called) and i never had to do that before

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does it mean, only the spawn mode (more instances of widgets enabled aka the cascading looking checkbox thing ;-) is working? if so i have to fix that. by the way, there is a little delay on releasing the new 3.0 version. its pre christmas time ;-)

there is a widget engine version 3.0.1? thought it was 3.0, maybe thats why it isn't working.

i will have a closer look.


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spawning mode means, that the dock will handle multiple instances of one widget. there are three states of the checkbox in the manager (for widgets), unchecked, checked and multichecked. checked means, it open and reopen the widget if you cklick on its icon twice. multicheck will open another instance of the widget if you will cklick it twice.

there was a problem with the widget v2.9. could you please verify if you have the newest version (v2.9a)?

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hi folks i'm trying out the dock and it is good, i just have one question, how do i change icons of the widgets on the dock, they're all like default icons, how do i use the icons that was provided... i hope this is not a stupid question but all the posts here have been concerned about the performance, all i want is to see the right icons and not the default icons on my dock LOL

thank you for those who will reply

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thanks a lot.


you can modify the widgets by clicking the icons in the widget manager, it will open a file dialog where you can choose another icon.

the manager works this way, click the checkbox (change state), icon (set new icon), name (change display name) or delete button to customize the dock.


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Its Laszlo from Hungary!

I have a little problem, maybe you can help me.

I have your WidgetDock27, and I use this with the original Konfabulator program.

When the YahooWidgetEngine released, I installed it, but the widget dock27 doesnt work correctly with this engine: I can spawn only two pieces, and when I click the cross, the animation is sliced, I mean very low quality..(Hope you understand.) After I installed the WidgetDock29, but the two problems are still the same. If I uninstall the YahooWidgetEngine, install Konfabulator, the Widget Dock 27 works great, but this way I cannot use the new widgets from Yahoo. Do you have any idea? Maybe the problem is the YahooWidgetEngine? Thank you taking time to me!


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do you using the Yahoo Widgets Engine version 3.0.2 and WidgetDock 2.9a?

ant what system you are running at (mac or win)?

i cant run and test it on a mac. they (konfab crew) only make it availabe for windows in the widgetgallery the last versions. i dont know why, maybe it causes some problems, but everytime i'm asking in the gallerys comments or in the forum, i didn't get an answer.

what do you mean by low quality? could you please explain it a little more?


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Well, now Im using the Konfabulator and WidgetDock2.7, but of course I tried the Y.W.E.3.0.2 with WidgetDock 2.9a , and at this time were the problems what I wrote. (Sorry, if my english is not the best, Im from Hungary.)

I have Windows Xp Pro. Pentium 4, 2,4GHz. Radeon 9550.

With the original Konfabulator the W.D2.7 works perfectly.

About the animation of WidgetDock2.9a on my PC: low performance means its not smooth but jumpy a little, when I open the dock. Actually, dont working well the WD2.7 and dont the W.D2.9a too in the YahooWidgetEngine 3.0.2 and I can spawning widgets only two pieces and not more.

Well, as I read here, and in other forums, there are many problems and critics with the new YahooWidgetEngine. They have nice widgets, like YahooContacts , but it doesnt work with the Konfabulator. (What is strange for me.)

Well, hope you have a solution for these problems, till I will use the good old version of Konfabulator and your very nice WidgetDock2.7. Thanks.


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could you please check if your system "knows" the tasklist command by open a command line window (cmd.exe) and type in "tasklist" without the quotes and execute. if the command doesn't work or is unknown, than spawning widgets wont work.

About the animation, hm, i have to think about that.


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This is great! Only one thing, when I bring up the manage widgets window and then select a widget's icon to assign it a new one, the Open Window for the icon selection is behind the Manage Widget window. I have to go to the Widget preference Window and select "Normal" in the "Level of Window" field (Even if it is already selected) and then click okay. The open window for the Widget icon selection is then on top.

P.S. I am running Konfabulator/Yahoo! Widget Engine 3.0.2 (Build 79)

(This was posted first on the Konfabulator Widget Gallery...)

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you mean drag&drop a widget from the dock to the screen (with the morphing and positioning)? yeah, that would be cool but cant be done right now because there is no interface where i can communicate with a widget (for setting its position). of course there is the tellwidget thing but that would mean every widget has to implement something...

as soon as they will give us some kind of widget interface (via com or whatever) i will implement it.


btw, this week i will release a v3.0 version with some fixes and minor new features.

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