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[release] iColorFolder 1.0

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Here is the 1.0 version of iColorFolder, my tool to change the color of WindowsXP folders. This release adds some cool features, mainly :

  • A Skin Selector
  • The customization of the "generic" folder icon
  • The ability to use any icon to customize a folder
  • A new skin system, cleaner and more simple than before
  • Two new skins included in the package, Longhorn and Snow.E2


I've added too the respect of some special folders icon (for folders like "My pictures", "My Music", etc.) : on these folders, when the entry "None" is selected, the special icon is restored instead of the generic one.

The project is now written in C#, which means you'll need the .NET Framework to use it. However, if you didn't installed it, the setup will install the old version of iCF (0.5.1) in C++, which doesn't need the .NET Framework, but doesn't support all these new features.

Here is the complete list of changes since the 0.5.1 version :

[Version 1.0]


-Conversion of the project into C#

-Added a Skin Selector

-New entry in the contextual menu : "Custom", to select an additional icon into the skin (or even any icon of your choice)

-Skinning of the "generic" folder icon

-Found a workaround for the impossible customization of some system folders

-Respect of the special folders icon (My Pictures, My Music, etc)


-Added some version informations to the installer executable

-The choice of the skin on setup is expanded by default

-Use of the old C++ version of iCF (0.5.1) if the .NET Framework is not installed

-Fixed the replacement of CMExt.dll on setup


-The labels of the menu are now stored in the main executable, and no more in the skins

-Ability to add any extra icons to a skin

-Added two new skins, Longhorn and Snow.E2

The skin format has changed a bit. Actually, I've mainly removed the little colored circles from the skins, and added the "generic" folder icon. However the old skins are still compatible, but without extra-features like the customisation of the "generic" folder icon. All this is fully explained in a smart "How to create a skin" document, located in the "skins" folder of iCF ; you'll find everything about skin conversion from old format to new and format specs.

Edit: Updated to 1.1 : due to a friend request, I've added a little entry in the context menu of every file, nammed "Change icon", which allows to change easely the default icon for all the files of the same type (all .jpg files for example).

Edit 2: Updated to 1.2, some bugfixes and Mono support, see the full changelog here.

Download iColorFolder 1.2 (1.3 Mo, sources included)

Have fun !

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It just keeps getting better and better. Can't begin to tell you how much I love this thing.

Indeed, i can't get over how very easy it is to operate with right-click feature. In any other app it normally might take a icon cache refresh to change styles, this one applies immediately and without a whimper.

Fantastic program and is now proven to be long lasting in what it's able to accomplish in comparison to any others. Been using it since 98 days and found it's great for your confidence to change folder icons complete style in a flash and move on. Holds it's settings magificiently and is definitely top-of-the-line in this desktop book.

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I've updated the soft to version 1.2, here is the changelog :

Version 1.2 :

Added :

-The Skin Selector remembers the selected skin

-Mono Framework support (only if the .NET Framework isn't installed)

-You can force the use of Mono by passing the argument "/MONO" to the installer

-New installer command-line argument: "/SKIN=SKIN_NAME" (see the ReadMe file for more details)

-Chinese translation (Simplified and Traditionnal), thanks to zhangduyixiong

-Nice picture in the setup main pages (at last !)

-Link in the Startup Menu to the Additional Skin Pack


Better reinstallation support

Updated the readMe file, with more technical stuff

Better default icon for the Longhorn skin


Duplicated entries when installing in two different languages

The Setup doesn't hang when refreshing the Icon cache

The first post has been updated.

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