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London under attack

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London has this morning been rocked by a series of blasts on its transport network, killing many people, and injuring hundreds. Information so far points to this being a terrorist attack on Englands capital. Tony Blair, Prime Minister, has vowed that terrorists will not break our way of life or our values.

The blasts timing clearly coincides with the opening of the G8 summit, with the 8 most powerful figures in world politics meeting to discuss world debt, poverty, and other significant matters. However, the events of this morning look set to turn this into a terrorism summit. A statement from the members and representatives of the G8 said "We condemn the barbaric acts of these terrorists"

After the euphoria in central London yesterday as England was announced as the holders of the 2012 Olympic Games, the scenes from this morning are sobering indeed.

On a more personal note, I have a number of close friends and family in London, although I am lucky enough to live in Englands second city, Birmingham. The worry that all who share my situation must be going through is huge. My heart goes out to all of you. I can only hope that all this is over, and not the beginning of something bigger, as has been indicated by a number of posts on the internet from certain terrorist groups.

Just thought that those of you not in the UK, and not watching TV might need to know about all this...


Stop making up tags

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As amuzing as that is, I'm not sure this is something to be joking about... Not in great taste when there are people dying...

True, but after what Chirac said the other day it's fairly ironic.

Pretty terrible, but I'm amazed how well the emergency services are coping. They're really well organised.

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You think an attack like this can be organized in less than 24 hours ?

It's all about the G8. OG have nothing to do with this.

What I meant, was if Paris had the games, and London was attacked, I can't imagine their state of mind... Anyway, I heard on french TV, that Al Qaida Europe claimed they did this....

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Go back on topic or i`m closing this thread.

Also when will you people stop making up tags - THERE IS NO [WORLD NEWS] TAG!

Oh, I'm sorry... 1) I thought it might actually help to draw peoples attention to something that is actually relatively important...

and 2) I apologise for not quite following convention... Give a guy a break at the moment when he's worrying about his family.

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Latest news is 33 dead (not including the bus)... :(

My family live in Spain and were lucky to not be affected by the attacks there. As I said in the Shoutbox, the only good thing is that this didn't happen last weekend or yesterday, it would have been worse if it had.

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It was surreal in London today, I work only a few blocks from Russel Square and we could hear the bang - one of our office actually saw the explosion on the bus on the way to work and was very shaken. It was bizzarely quiet and calm the rest of the day. Full credit to the police and emergency services for being so well organised; I'm amazed the death toll is currently so low considering how packed the tube is at that time. I'm sure all our thoughts are with those who have lost friends and family.

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