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[WIP] Sith Lord VS/WB

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Been working on this style for about a week, I'm almost done getting the general look and feel, but no skinning has actually been done thusfar, this is a mockup ONLY. The real skin will come later. For now here's a sneak...


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The Sith have killed millions of people, including the jedis, and turned anakin to the dark side, AFTER he killed his belovid wife, and you make a theme based on them?

Don't you have feelings man? Don't you? Huh?

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'm refining and cleaning up somethings, and as far as integrating red into the design...

From my experience, when red is introduced into a windows theme, it takes precedence over everything on screen, SOMETIMES making a theme look tacky or amatuerish...I don't want any skinners getting angry ;)

With that said I still feel that I can add hints of red in very small doses; I may create a substyle, where there is more red.

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oh man, it looks sweet! i do agree with the others in that there should me more red, like the active/pressed tabs, and maybe a glow on the close/min/max buttons. but thats just my opinion :D

can't wait to use it, i love it

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