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xhtml and css layout, css is not rendering properly. please help!

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hey guys

I'm working on another site and another layout, this time for learning purposes. it is not rendering how I'd like it to. my main problems are with the CSS I'm working on.

I design xhtml and css layouts without tables. For some reason some of the CSS I have been using all of a sudden is not working like I thought it had before. I am out of ideas. I'd appreciate any help any of you could give me

Here is the layout. It is pretty basic right now:


I am trying to make the layout look like this link: http://mark.staff.aodnetwork.com/new_ucmb/..._background.png . as you can see, I have done an interesting job so far!

here is the link to my CSS file. the classes I use are in the first 200 lines:


I have a feeling something is very very wrong with my CSS file and I don't know why.

my problems:

layout looks awful in everything but firefox.

css validates correctly. so does xhtml 1.1. but for some reason I'm still having a lot of problems.

- IE does not draw the shadows correctly. safari and ie(mac) draw the shadow over gray border between the blue banner background and the top. what gives? its 4px too high in safari and IE, if I add a top margin, safari looks right. IE(mac) still looks wrong.

- IE just looks awful. it won't even draw the banner. not even if I add the !important after it.

- the links in the top navigation bar look awful. I don't know why! I thought .navigation a: link, .navigation a:active was the correct CSS syntax that would change the links for the navigation attribute. all of a sudden, it doesn't work. all of the links use the defaults for the normal a:link and a:active as if .navigation a:link isn't there. whats going on?

in firefox toolbar, the viewable CSS displays on 1 line, on the other site I did correctly, it displays fine. there really is a problem somewhere I think.


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I haven't read the CSS file yet, but you should start looking for info on IE7 CSS support (nothing to do with the next version of IE but tricks to get the CSS support IE SHOULD have now).

I'll have a look at the CSS later, I haven't got access to Dreamweaver at the moment and I usually check CSS using it.

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