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[Release] TopDesk 1.3.3

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TopDesk 1.3.3 is now available. The new features included in this version are:

  • Faster Live Window Updates - an option has been added to speed up live window updates using uncompressed window images.
  • Up-To-Date Window Images - an option has been added to keep tiled window images completely up to date by updating window images before tiling.
  • Improved Memory Efficiency - memory usage has been reduced.
  • Improved Mouse Pointer Visual Feedback - the mouse pointer changes to a cursor after tiling instead of remaining as an hourglass.
  • Bug Fix - a resource leak that occurred while a screensaver was active or the computer was locked has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix - TopDesk now prevents windows from being lost while hiding visible windows when a screensaver becomes active or the computer is locked.
  • Bug Fix - When configured to start when Windows starts on machines with compatible older graphics cards, TopDesk no longer incorrectly reports that the screen resolution is not supported.

For more information, or to download TopDesk, please visit the TopDesk webpage. To view the full TopDesk changelog, please visit the TopDesk What's New webpage.

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on 2 of my computers this program makes my pc usage top at 100% i would love t opurchase it

but because if this issue i cant

on my laptop a 1.7 centrino it reaches 80-90% when this program is running

on my 3.2 pentium 4 ht system it reaches 50-60%

this thing rocks

too bad i have this issues

thanks for the info

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ordinary_people: Are you talking about CPU usage while in Exposé mode or while idle (e.g. just stitting in the system tray, not in Exposé mode)?

TopDesk uses very little CPU while idle, but will use 50-80% of the CPU while in Exposé mode. The CPU usage is caused by drawing the tiled windows, and isn't an issue. CPU usage is only an issue if an application is using an excessive amount of the CPU but isn't doing anything. In the case of TopDesk, it's drawing the tiled windows, which will take quite a lot of CPU time (just like every other DirectX application out there, TopDesk draws its animation as fast as it can), so 50-80% while in Exposé mode is fine.

If you're seeing 50-80% CPU usage while TopDesk is idle, then there's a problem. If that's the case, send us a support request and we'll look into it.

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ordinary_people: Thanks, we'll look into it.

Just a quick question - does Exposé mode actually run on your machine? If so, are you only seeing the CPU jump up when TopDesk starts up, or are you seeing it constantly. The reason I'm asking this is that the first time TopDesk starts, it grabs the images of all open windows (you'll see the TopDesk system tray icon turn into an hourglass), which takes some CPU time, but once it's finished, the CPU usage will drop back to zero.

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I just downloaded the trial and was so blown away that I've just bought the retail version. It's fantastic!

Up to now I've used iEx, which I later replaced with WinPlosion, but TopDesk is amazing. It's a little slow (understandibly) with live updating or update window image before tiling enabled, but with them disabled it's lightning fast and the animations are amazing!

Performance wise on the live updating, it's fine whilst it's running but there's a lag between mouse-overs on tiled windows and the general time to slide windows into view takes a second or two but even so, it's still pretty fast compared to others. And when live updating is turned off, nothing compares for speed of all other xp clones.

Definately worth the money in my opinion. Just gimme a week further of playing with it and I'll perhaps have some suggestions for improvements but for now I'm as happy as a bear with chocolate. (I don't know if chocolate makes bears happy, but I'd like to think so...)

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Well whaddaya know.... lol! Works a treat. Thanks! :)

EDIT: Just had a feature request idea....

I've just bought an apple mighty mouse and apparently the side buttons (button 4) function as a back button on a PC, but on OS X they activate Exposé. Is it possible to make TopDesk support the additional mouse buttons aswell as keyboard shortcuts?

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It doesn't seem as though StrokeIt has support for a fourth mouse button.

EDIT: I found a way to do it using AutoHotKey instead. You can add this to your script;

XButton1::Send {F9}

XButton2::Send {F10}

That will add the necessary support for additional buttons on mice when using TopDesk.

If you have an Apple Mighty Mouse, then both of the buttons either side will provide the same function as each other, in which case, add this script;

XButton1::Send {F9}

^XButton1::Send {F10}

This makes squeezing your mouse show all windows, whilst CTRL-Squeeze will show all application windows.

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dont like to pay for something that is just a clone of any other application (the real mac osx expose).

I think all those skin and style apps should be free under the GNU license. I'm a game developper (really not bad one) and I release all of my games and apps for free.

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INpac: It's a "clone" that's had over 1.5 years development effort put into it and is still in active development, does something Windows isn't really built to do, and that has great support (via both forums and email). And at $9.95, it's less than the price of a movie ticket :).

Remember, although technically when you buy software you're buying a license, what you're really doing is helping the developers continue development and support of that product.

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of course i understand; i said, i'm a developper, too. And i know the efforts you put into one programme.

and especially for me, it's not the price that keeps me away from buying top desk - cuz it's a great programm. It's the fact that it coasts anyway something and the payment, doesn't matter as easy it is with Plimus, I'm too lazy to buy it via internet :)

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of course i understand; i said, i'm a developper, too. And i know the efforts you put into one programme.

and especially for me, it's not the price that keeps me away from buying top desk - cuz it's a great programm. It's the fact that it coasts anyway something and the payment, doesn't matter as easy it is with Plimus, I'm too lazy to buy it via internet :)

I just tried topdesk.

It appears that it bases it's open windows list on entries in the the windows task bar.

What a shame. It means that if you are working with a dock (like RK), any windows that are minimised to the dock (but not to the windows taskbar) do not get tiled or hidden.

What a shame.

Does anyone know of an expose clone that works with docks?

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RKlauncher is not the issue here. The coding must be altered in topdesk not rklauncher.

I don't see how? Rklauncher hides minimised windows from the windows taskbar. It would then need to hide them but have unhidden them for topdesk to pick up?

The only thing Rklaunchers developer can do is provide an option in rk to

"not remove minimised windows from taskbar when minimised to dock."

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chill out Flurry, I don't really like the word shame, and someone may find it offensive :) Neither Winplosion or Entbloess show windows minimized to RkLauncher - Winplosion forgets about them, Entbloess shows them when you don't want them, puts them back in the taskbar and messes everything up. I don't know if the real thing on MacOs shows them actually, but it's unlikely: minimized windows should not get in the way(*). But you seem to know everything about programming and how to make things work the right way: why don't you write a Flurry-posé ? :D

Anyway, other programs, like the MS Virtual Desktop Powertoy, manage to hide windows from view and from the taskbar, and Exposé-clones show them... what I mean is, are you really sure to be 100% right ? :P

[*] edit: I checked and minimized windows do not appear on the real Exposé.

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When does pointing a shortcoming and making a suggestion constitute knowing "everything about programming."?

Think about what I am saying.

1. You have an app which automatically shows you tiles of all windows you are working on, to help you get an overview.

2. This is windows, you may have 15 or more windows of different programs open, some cascaded, some minimised, some maximised, whatever.

3. Now your telling me this overview program ignores minimised windows? I.e. you have to -wade- through all of your windows to make sure all are maximised -before- you can get the complete overview?

On a windows system that is dumb.

And PS yes I find it a shame, it -is- a shame that minimised windows are not picked up as there is no difference between minimised and maximised windows when getting an overview.

The developers of topdesk knew this and it -does- pick up windows minimised to the taskbar.

Unfortunately not windows minimised to the dock.

This program isn't free.

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sorry, it was late in the night for me, and probably my english is not perfect. I'll try to state my point again:

  • when you write a program, you do not take into account all the other programs in the world that may interact with yours. You don't have to.
  • As I said before, none of the Exposé-clones I know works correctly with windows minimized to RKLauncher. But you say that it's TopDesk's fauls and it has to be corrected.
  • I'm using other programs that hide windows from the taskbar and these windows are shown in my Winplosion without problems. The problem seems to be the way RKLauncher hides windows - not TopDesk.

I don't think you should blame TopDesk's developers for something that does not depends on the code they wrote. You pay for the program they give you, not for the one you want. You pay for Windows too, do you write them this kind of letters ?

I wrote no jokes in this message, and no smilies. Hope it helps avoiding misunderstandings, but I do feel you should read my previous message again.

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Yes I understand. I thought of the whole sitation as topdesk's developers are obviously basing topdesk on mac emulation, i.e. the mac emulation crowd.

And what's the first thing all mac emulators use? A dock:

So atleast include some basic compatibility with docks.

That's how I thought about it. But your right, they decided to copy 1 aspect of mac features, not considering how it fits in a system where a user might also have another piece of emulator.

It's a business decision, mac has a great tool windows doesn't, lets copy it and sell it to windows users, who cares about docks?

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