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The new StyleSuites.com

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Many delays and several thousand words later, the new StyleSuites is here. This new site is the result of months of work by myself and Dave, so we really hope you enjoy it. It's full of improvements:

Reviews - Each major Suite now has an in-depth reviews alongside the downloads, in order to give you more of a feel for the theme. We'll give it a rating out of 5, as well as our own thoughts on it.

New System - Built on WordPress, the new site is faster, easier to use, and has full plugin support from the great WordPress community, as well as being a lot lighter on our hosting. Not only does this make things better for you, it makes things far easier for us when it comes for improving and expanding the site in the future.

Better Navigation - Improved menus and a better layout brings you the content quicker and in a simpler fashion. You can get straight to the stuff you want to see with the minimum of hassle.

No more Registering! - In light of many membership related problems we’ve had with the current site, we’ve decided to get rid of our current policy of forcing visitors to sign up to download themes. This should not only mean things are made easier for you, but it means less work for our backend database having to process the thousands of members’ requests.

Themes - The new backend system gives us the added benefit of allowing you to change the entire look of the site on-the-fly. This could lead to desktop-styled themes being available, such as Milk, Tiger and so on. Want the green stripy theme seen on the temporary holding page? It's there - check out "Themes" in the side menu.

We appreciate your feedback immensely, so if you have an idea or comment, or see a mistake or error, don't hesitate to tell us about it - just comment on the current newspost on the site. We're determined not to let this new site go the way of the old one, with updates being far and few on many occasions. Anyway, enjoy the new site!

The new StyleSuites.com

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Good work my friend. A unique site with your own identity, not a copycat of existing site. This should be a good example for those out there with needlemen account, to create a new website.

I'm sure lots of us here would like to see the Tiger suites review

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Glad to hear you guys like the site. Sorry about the wrong links, issues with images etc - They're all teething problems :) Just keep throwing em at us, and it'll improve very rapidly.

If anyone has any suggestions with the design/layout, I'd be more than happy to hear them.

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:) Good Job, some suggestions from my side ...

1. The search box should be visible upon entering - on the top part of the sidebar instead of the bottom. Just for usability purposes

2. I think that, in the stripes theme, the content area (for the left bar where the articles are) is too wide; there should be around 12±2 words per line to ensure a better readability.

3. Also in the abovementioned theme, I would recommend adding a larger space between the sidebar and the content area as well as better "chunking" of the modules in the sidebar

4. I think that the main navigation ought to be on top (rather somewhere else than the other sidebar modules) as it should be strikingly clear that these links are the main navigation.

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Hey Simon, StyleSuites sucks now...I thought you'd at least change the suites, I mean...GuiPod is so outdated. and many links do not work or aren't links at all (like in some of the app sections you have the download link as just text (its not linking to anything)...:(

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