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[Release] Hula Girl

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The Dashboard Hula Girl can now be placed on your Desktop!

Also, my first widget.

This widget has been removed at the request of Clubhouse54. I forgot to ask permission and give credit (very stupid on my part) even though I never actually claimed it as my own. Sorry, but please do not ask me to send a copy to you, no request will be responded to.


When you open this widget, you'll get an error window, but, this widget has no errors, since it is purely for decoration (I couldn't find out how to get it to wobble).

@Download Hula Girl 0.1

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You can get it to wobble by making it an animated gif...just create several gif images showing it in different states. I'll see if I can hunt down the code and edit my post.


[Edit: Found it! Took me ten minutes of searching...it was harder to find than I thought. If you have any problems with the code, just PM me (or grim, who could probably help you out even better. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showpost.ph...2&postcount=19]

P.S: Nice job ;).

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haha, this made me think about the bouncy widget i made. its really easy dude, u just take a widget with 8 frames of animation or whatever, and place over your animation ontop of it. piece of cake!

if i knew what the dashboard hula girl looked like, i could try it with this.

EVEN BETTER, some one extract the resorces on the dashboard widget and send em to me(pm me first and ill give u my email adress). and ill have it made in like 3 seconds!!!

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