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[request] Dashboard Dock

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News on the WidgetDock project.

the main functionality is done. and the dock is working fine within the reglementations of konfab.

what i mean? take a look on the open issues list at the end of my post.

first of all, what is done right now:

- the graphics are finished

- the "preference" dialog to manage the widgets you want (see screenshot) in the dock, there you can specify the name, the widgets location and the image shown in the dock plus the abbility to spawn the widget.

- it is screen width independent,

- widgets will be loaded by clicking on the icon (and if spawn is true, every click will load a new widget instance)

as for the whole spawning thing here comes the list with open issues:

- for now, the widget dock has no way to get the needed information when a certain widget will be unload by the user. so real managing the widgets isn't possible. of course i could add some code in every widget available so they can comunicate with my dock (using the new functionality in konfab 2). But therefore i have to ask every widget developer to do so, or ask them if they will do it, or ask you that you have to do it if you want to use spawning, or... you got my point? I just dont know how i will solve this yet, need some time to think about it.

- because the dock dont know about the living cylce of widgets once loaded by it, all spawned widgets wont be available after closing the dock. so until now, there is memory on the spawning. but if you ignore this fact, spawning will work fine right now.

all depends on the communication, for instance, my weather widget will be able to tell the dock, when it will be closed, and therefore, the spawning of this widget will work. :)

- because i didn't find a way to pin a widget to a fix position, the dock is draggable right now

- finally all the animations arn't finished yet, but thats the last thing i will include because the handling must be finished first.

so, thats all for now.



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unfortunately it wont work like this, because every widget needs some code for two action triggers ("onTellWidget" and "onUnload") and a hidden preference. so it has to be in the .kon file and therefore it must be implemented there. the code is always the same and a copy paste would do it.

and maybe i will add some little sign, so the user will get to know if the loaded widget support the full widget dock (spawning) functionality.

alpha version almost finished and will be released for beta testing soon.

a little offtopic @ghostwalker, but how does the playlist code working for you?

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Quote: a little offtopic @ghostwalker, but how does the playlist code working for you?

Sorry Ive been working on a beta that use colorization to change the body and disply window colors (seperately) of the iTunes widget I will start implementing your code tonight and I will let you know of any problems I encounter. Also if you want to send me the code to communicate with your widget dock I will update my widgets with the code.

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I think I'll wait for siosae's beta, he seems to make things pretty much 1:1.

You guys did a good job though. It's just that the icons go waaaaaaaaay off the screen, and all look the same.

*edit* Ok read the official thread, so my icon point is void. But it still needs a way to keep the icons within the screen resolution.

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