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[release] Valkyrie Beta 1 Released!

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Beta 1

Winamp 5.04+ Required

(Latest Winamp version recommended)

In development since late last year (December 2004), Valkyrie is my fifth Winamp skin released to date. I've been wanting to make a skin like this for a while, and after a couple of attempts (started from scratch 4-5 times), this is what I came up with.

With this skin, I am trying to break away from my usual glossy lcd screen look and went for something more minimalistic, which I do think I've accomplished. The display area is the center of the whole skin. Aside from housing the currently playing song's information, it also holds the Equalizer (Alt+G) and Skin Configuration (Alt+C). Both are set up as display modes which you can switch between by using the Display Bar (the blue bar at the bottom of the display screen). You can use the Previous and Next Display Mode buttons or the Display Mode menu (on the left of the Display Bar) to switch between the 4 different modes (Player, Visualization, Equalizer and Configuration).

The vertical 3-button playback control idea came to me late one night when I thought of the direction playlists advance, which would be up and down, hence the previous button's placement above the play/pause button, and the next button below it. I'd say that makes this skin pretty unique since I have yet to see another skin incorporate the same idea.

That's all I can think of saying about the skin. It is still a work in progress, which is the reason behind it's Beta status, but I thought I'd give you, the public, a preview of what's to come. Hope you guys like what I've done so far. Enjoy. :D

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