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Camel Cigarettes icons

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Camel Cigarettes icons

( For the smoker in you. )

by: vertigo173

This is my very first icon that I've ever made in my life! Please comment and let me know if you like them. Thanks & Enjoy!



Camel - Empty


Camel - Full


Right-Click on the icon and choose Save Target-As to download the .png's to your PC.



I made these icons today 5-31-2005. I used my Canon PowerShot S1 IS to take a picture of my

Camel Filters box on top of my kitchen counter top, using blank sheets of printer paper as

my background. Then, I imported the pictures into Microsoft Photo Premium 10. I used the

trace tool to trace around the edges and cut the cigarette boxes out from the white

background. I pasted the boxes into a new page ( square ). I then centered each box in

their own seperate square page and saved each one as a .png file ( 256x256 ). That's all!



These can be used with either "ObjectDock" or "Avedesk" to replace your Recycle Bin icons.

I only smoke Camel Filters, so don't be expecting any other brands. LOL :)


- vertigo173


Maximum image size for inline images is 500 x 375. Please respect that.

The Image Has Been Linked

// Seph

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Ehhh... We don't have 'em in Poland anymore... Some smarta** from Japan Tobacco bought it and after changing the graphic design of the box started the biiiig New Camel campaign... Diff'rent graphic equals diff'rent product equals something's wrong (equals no customers) :) . So, as I said, we don't have 'em anymo' :(

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