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OS X 10.4.1 for Intel hits piracy sites

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Pirating software is immoral, glorifying piracy is just idiotic.

If you ever created anything and saw people stealing it, you wouldn`t think piracy is cool anymore.

One more word about piracy and you will be banned.


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hmmm I think your right but... the temptation is too big... Dam why isn't everythig open source? Just make everything open source and free.

And something else, in my network we use Alcatraz (a kind of software) , a pice of crap that someone invented to keep us good olg guys conecting on the Internet unless we have a registred user (of course paying for it). I would like to get my hands on the source code of that and playng with it.

see man the temptation is too big.... all the posibilties

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