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OS X 10.4.1 for Intel hits piracy sites

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I was just reading the comments on Engadget. It looks like the torrents are just files full of the string 'GNAA' if you look at them with a hex editor. I guess it was too good to be true for a working OSX we could get on our PCs to be out on the net like this!

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can somebody explain what the deal with apple going to intel is? so can it run on pc's now?

Nope Apple real target is Dell, Apple is a hardware company thats why it hasn't enter the OS game. it just make's pretty software to go along with its hardware, Apple Computer = OS X, iLife etc, iPod = iTunes.

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Can't you all see the writing on the walls...

MS is soon to doa with Longhorn, and don't you think that by releasing devkits with off the shelf parts, Apple DOESN'T plan on piracy? With piracy in full swing, Apple will start to gobble up more and more market share. What would they have to loose? Money for an unreleased OS that can't be bought anyway? Anti-piracy nerds are so mellowdramatic. I'm sure there are some old-time aqua-softians who, a year ago, would have traded their first-born child for this!

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I'm sure there are some old-time aqua-softians who, a year ago, would have traded their first-born child for this!

LMAO! You're damn right we would!!! I don't even have a child - so I'd probably have grabbed the first one I saw in the street and traded that one in!!!

The way I see this thing is though... why is it getting leaked *now*. They've had x86 compiled versions ever since 10.0, so those easily could have been leaked. My guess is that since Apple originally announced it, people are just running hoaxes on torrent sites and they're not real iso's.

Although granted, I could be wrong.

But even so, everyone's all like "yay - it'll work on my Intel based PC" but just cos it runs on Intel chips doesn't mean it will work on a PC. It's made for Intel based Macs - Mac hardware with an Intel chip inside. You may have an Intel chip in your machine, but chances of getting drivers for your motherboard, graphics card, sound card, etc for os x?!? I don't think so!

Not anytime soon anyways....

OS X for Intel based Macs? Going to be a good move I think from what Steve Jobs was saying. OS X for Intel based PCs? Going to be a long time before we see that move (will probably happen eventually but I wouldn't keep my hopes up for a while).

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Wonder if it'll run on AMD in a while too... Sucks for apple, but they have had the same problems as everyone in the software industry: the powerpc versions of macos have been pirated too...

I think it means an Intel based processor; which is what AMD is.

Notice how most Linux distros have versions for PowerPC and for Intel x86 based CPUs (which covers recent AMDs as well.)

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