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great work! Here is my problem

I open this wighet while iTunes is playing

and then close iTunes and restarted it while keeped the widget on ,

but the widget doesn't work ,it show paused when mouse hover,and also need a restart to work normally

This happens when i use anther widget ' iTune compinion lastest vision'

Help me out!

working with iTunes 4.74 and multiplugin for iTunes

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You can use winamp with k its been done open the widget and extract the code you need to make it work with winamp. Here is the winamp widget http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/19043875/

This widget also controls my Foobar2000 :) Don't know if it's meant to or because it uses COM, It's not perfect it won't pause properly, it actually stops the song, but Next, back play & scrolling song title all work fine. I'm not sure not being a programmer :)

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too bad that Winamp widget isn't very pretty. No offense to the author.

That's alright.......................where iTunes widgets may look "pretty"..........WinAmp makes up for it by offering a million different skins and also by not sucking up so many system resources......:P

Nate Dogg

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