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Firefox Tabbrowser Extensions Mod

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very nice i like it thanks for sharing but one question

that maybe somebody can help me with

my firefox address bar does not work when i type it just refreshes the same page

i have to use google search to actually access a webpage

i had this same problem and reinstalling firefox fixed it. (i had to upgrade anyways + uninstalling tbe did not fix it).

tbe is annoying, i moved to tabmix.

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Maybe a stupid question:

Why do you still use the TBE? Even it's developer writes on TBE's homepage:

Note! This extension strongly unrecommended. Tab Mix is recommended instead of this, because it is stable, light, and it covers most useful features of this.

It is well known that TBE has many Errors and Bugs, and also the fact that reinstalling solves Firefox problems (as mentioned in this thread earlier) is probably a consequence of using TBE, as it even interacts with the Program Folder (which extensions shouldn't do normaly). Normaly creating a new profile for firefox solves all problems and it isn't necessary to reinstall the program.

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This is a great mod, works fine for Firefox 1.0.4. One question though, is it possible to have the "List of Tabs", "Load Tab Session", and "Recent Closed Tabs" use icons from the current skin? I know the tbe mod that Hills distributes does this, but it doesn't work with 1.0.4.

try my mod and see if it works

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