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[release] searchbar desket safarifox mod

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anyone like this?....havent yet got permision to redistribute it so im not going to post it

[i now have permission!]

just paste this folder...(''images'')...into the ''desklets/searchbar'' folder...(and back up the original just in case)....remember to replace all the files in the images folder

please add comments...


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what exaclty do you want?

um i don't want anything....i just wanted to give a lttle preveiw of what ive done with the earchbar desket...i was just wondering if anyone was interest in it before i got permission to redistribute the mod....(or mods....if i get any specific requests for other browsers).....um sorry if i cause you any inconvieniance....i just thought i could save some time this way.

[this is when i got permission]

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