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Aqua-Soft V5 Wordpress Theme *updated

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I just discovered this forum and thread and would love to use this theme on my wordpress blog. I even just donated some money. Great work, by the way! I am really impressed by the work that is going into these skins. I just need a little help. When I download the Wordpress file, I just get a "attachement.php" file. Can someone explain how to use this file to me? Thanks in advance for your time.


Opps, silly me! I downloaded the file in firefox and it worked just fine. Nice theme!!

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Anyone come to find that some of the files namely header.php footer.php and sidebar.php weren't coded correctly ?

However i have fixed these problems and have put them into a zipped folder for people who might need the fixes.

I might have downloaded an old version if i have let me know lol

still a bug inside

remove the "/" before "/"wp-content/themes/aquasoft/images/

in the sidebar.php, header.php, footer.php then you get the correct searchbar and the correct dividers in header and footer only 4 changes ^^


<td id="spotlight"><img src="wp-content/themes/aquasoft/images/spotlight_left.gif" alt="" /></td>

<td width="100%" class="searchbox"><input id="livesearch" name="q" onkeypress="liveSearchStart()" type="text" value=" Live Search" onclick="value=''" /><input type="hidden" id="submitted" name="submitted" value="yes" /></td>

<td id="spotlight"><a href="#" onclick="document.searchform.q.value=''"><img src="wp-content/themes/aquasoft/images/spotlight_clear.gif" alt="" /></a></td>


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Aqua-Soft WordPress

Here is the theme I have created for the main page of Aqua-Soft. Feel free to use it on your site and modify it what so ever. But I do ask you do not sell or redistribute this theme without our permission.

This skin also includes LiveSearch, just upload the files to your WordPress directory, select the skin, and everything should work out of the box.

If you would like to donate, you can do so by sending donations to [email protected]

If you have problems you may post here, but I can't guarantee they will be answered.

I'm sorry, please detail. Which directory you mean to upload it.

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