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[Release] Dashboard Weather Widget for Konfabulator


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More than 2 years without replies ...but i have to write ...

The widget is really amazing, work exactly like dashboard´s , but since las YWE update, it didnt refresh data ...

I tried to push the degree button, but nothing happens . I´ve compared with Yahoo weather to see this ... dont refresh data .

Hope siosae read this and can fix it. ...

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When I get time I will have a look at it and see if I can fix it for him.

it didnt refresh data ...

That part was a quick fix I will have to look and see what has changed with the AccuWeather Website the information it displays says it is 81 here when in fact it is 56. But the Weather.com works fine. I've been having problems with my domain so for now I dont have anywhere to upload it to. Hopefully it will be corrected which gives me time to find a solution for accuweather.

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I just found this topic from a Google search, it's been a year since the last post, but was an update ever done? I'm using it in it's current form and it seems to be functional with AccuWeather.

I'd love to see an update. I might be able to host it, if anyone is still out there needing a spot for it!

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Mine is the 2.3 version I found here as well, I didn't modify it. It seems to be updating too, even with the latest Konfab..(ahem, Yahoo Widget Engine) and 10.5.7. I did have initial issues getting AccuWeather to accept my city as a zip code, but once I tried typing it in as City, STate, it's worked fine on both my desktop and my wife's laptop.

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Ok looking at the AccuWeather code the url it fetches from is this...


Which is no longer maintained and should have been removed it will give inaccurate information. Says it is 82 degrees here when in fact it is 61 this is the new url supplied by AccuWeather since the Yahoo! takeover. Not sure yet but it looks like it might take a complete re-write of the widget.


I have contacted AccuWeather and they will send me a link to their api, the first problem I see is the api displays a 5 day forecast instead of 6. I'm not sure if I will be able to get a 6 day forecast without violating their developer agreement will follow up and let you know.

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Very cool of you to start looking into this again. Just an observation about the 5 vs. 6 day forecast. I guess it depends on the data they supply and how the count the days. The "first" day on Apple's widget is "today", a 5 day forecast would likely be "tomorrow" forward. Today plus 5 days is the 6 day format.

Looking at the Yahoo data link above, they seem to provide a lot of extra info, you could really "go nuts" with this widget and add more data. I've seen a hacked Apple widget that has everything from wind speed in it to AccuWeather's "Real Feel" in a purple font below the lows in the display. Great for my northern winter days with windchill!

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OK I have signed up with AccuWeather in order to get access the their feeds and changed everything in the xml file to accommodate the new feed. Still have to move all the days to the right and add the current day at the beginning. My question to everyone here is should I...

a. Make it one to one with the Dashboard widget and drop weather.com

b. Make two widgets one for AccuWeather and one for Weather.com

c. keep it the same with both AccuWeather and Weather.com(could be conflicts of interest between the two companies)

My problem is in order to use weather.com I need to add a few things to keep with their licensing contract if I have to do the same thing with Weather.com then I will have to code two separate context menus for the widget. My personal opinion is two widgets one that works with AccuWeather and one for Weather.com so as to make both companies happy. Don't want to have to update this again if they kill the feeds due to not following their guidelines. If I make two separate widgets I could then update the widget for Konfabulator engine 4.5 which will allow me to create a live vitality in the dock (maybe with options as to what you want displayed in the dock)


New problem the new feed they supply gives 5 day forecast counting today(Today + 4 more). There might not be a way to get the 6 day forecast, I will email them and ask for a six day feed but don't get your hopes up. If I cannot get the sixth day feed what would you like me to do?

1. only show 5 days on the bottom

2. leave the widget as is(The current feed is no longer updated that is why it works for some cities and not others and some current temps are wrong)

3. place a fake forecast for the sixth day(bad idea)

New Feed


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If you have to go with the 5 day, how about:

4. only show 5 days on the bottom and use the extra space for other info? e.g. wind speed, or RealFeel, or some other data available from the AccuWeather feed ?

I guess 4. would pretty much leave the plan to be two separate widgets as Weather.com might not provide the extra information...

Just my 2 cents. Thanks for getting this working again!

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Update I emailed both asking for a true 5 day forecast but unless I go there and put my foot up someones xxx I probably wont get it. I have received a license from Weather.com and have both working now in the widget. Both only provide a 5 day forecast counting today.

only show 5 days on the bottom and use the extra space for other info? e.g. wind speed, or RealFeel, or some other data available from the AccuWeather feed ?

This is not a bad idea they do not need to be the same the extra info could be different depending on what you would like added(now is the time to ask). Here is the Weather.com feed...


Let me know how you would like it and what extra info to add.

Just to let everyone know the widget is coming along fine(it will be different). Me and a friend of mine in the UK are working together on this for better International support and it is being developed on Leopard and Windows XP SP3. I have added sunrise/sunset to the mini icons tooltip and a dynamic context menu that gives you links to...

1. Feed supplied by(opens the company homepage of accuweather or weather channel)

2. Open Homepage (takes you to your homepage with today's weather)

3. Open 15/10 Day Forecast (15 or 10 day forecast depending on whether you use accuweather or weather channel)

4. Open Radar/Satellite(For US cities it will be radar view for International it will be satellite view.)

5. Widget Version( will display the widget version you are using.)

Some of these things need to be added to follow their license agreement. I may have to put their logo in the sixth position according to the license agreement not sure yet. I will also email SioSae and let him know of the updates(Not sure if I have an updated email I have not talked to him in a very long time). When this is done I will open a new thread with the updated version and host it until I can contact SioSae.



Weather Channel:


You will notice two different temps and main icons showing this is due to AccuWeather and Weather Channel feeds (they don't agree on the weather). I also noticed this with Stardocks weather docklet the two accuweather feeds do not agree sometimes you will have to email accuweather and complain yourself.

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Apple's widget has the logos in the setup pane, you might be able to get away with that and leave the front end clean.

If I had my choice, I'd go for Wind Speed, Real Feel (Lawn & Garden Weather on Weather.com), and Pollen Count/Allergies. I don't know how difficult it would be, but perhaps set the available choices in the setup pane and let people choose? There might be a limit that can be visible...

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How does the original Apple forecast work if they have only a five days forecast at Accuweather?

I asked that also and they have a special contract with AccuWeather sorry.

I´d like to have as Appleish as possible...

I'm limited there, you could always use the broke widget for screenshots and the working widget for the correct information.

Apple's widget has the logos in the setup pane, you might be able to get away with that and leave the front end clean.

If I had my choice, I'd go for Wind Speed, Real Feel (Lawn & Garden Weather on Weather.com), and Pollen Count/Allergies. I don't know how difficult it would be, but perhaps set the available choices in the setup pane and let people choose? There might be a limit that can be visible...

We wanted to go with something both feeds supplied, which everything that both supplied was already in the widget so we went with the moon phase. Also according to the license agreement the Lawn & Garden, Pollen count and so forth must be links to their site sorry. I do not want to get my license removed as I have plans to create another weather widget.


There are a few more things I would like to do under the hood but the look you see now will not change, If you still want it the way I have done it I will post it soon if you do not because it is not one to one I understand and will keep it to myself.

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Update guys, widget updated to version 4.5 of the Konfabulator engine. This will allow me to keep it updated if and when any updates come from Yahoo!. Added a live vitality dock now displays city name, temp and current condition icon. Still got some more to do with it mainly for international users it now excepts UK Postal codes for our friends in the Uk. Going to be looking into adding preferences for the satellite(international users) so that when the click on the radar/satellite it will take them to their custom satellite image instead of the world satellite view. I know it is taking some time but I promise it is being worked on and debugged daily/nightly.


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Done pretty much just debugging to do that pretty much just set around and check weather compared to the widget day/night and so for. I had to changed the link graphics on the back(still need to finish that) and she will be ready I think. Got it working better for the European community so now you can enter zip/city or UK Postcodes. Try to finish the back today or tomorrow and post it then you all can help me if there are any lingering bugs.

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Ok seems I have taken on to many internet projects and personal life projects I'm totally exhausted. I did not complete the images for the background(just the logo) if anyone has the time be my guest. But other than that it seems to be running fine. If you do have any problems go to preferences and check log to file run the widget for several days to give me plenty of data to work with then send the log file to me and I will take a look.

Dashboard Weather Version 2.4

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Very nice and great to have it! The only thing I noticed, and I've seen this with other things that use the same font, is that with Safari 4 installed, the font used for the week days and temps is "thicker" than the screen shots. Not quite bold.

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