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Which Next gen console will you get?


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    • Sony Playstation 3
    • Microsoft XBOX 360
    • Nintendo Revolution
    • All of them!
    • None of them!

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xbox360 all the way baby :)

oh, you should take note that the demos shown on xbox are actually not final. in fact, they're only off of alpha kits that developers have that don't even have the final graphics card in.

here's a demo that was ONLY PORTED to xbox360 without even modifying the way it looks, and if you ask me, it looks incredible, and far better than any demo shown on ps3.


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I don't see why people ask stuff like this, when xbox was the only console this year on the floor, where you could actually "play" some of the games...

But to vote to vote to vote... All of em, get bored of em after 5 min and pass them down to my younger brother :P

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PS3... All is said.

A PS3 would also made an awsome computer if you just gave it a hard drive and modified it so you could have linux on it. (you can do that with a PS2)

I wonder if they will ever make a slim PS3... :P

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Xbox 360...

only coz it plays xbox 1 games, and has potential as far as media center...hopefully...see my thread about media center;


PS3 I don't know much about, only that its gonna be faster than the xbox 360...and to me it looks uglier...but thats just my opinion. Xbox 360 has some cool ideas though...

fingers crossed for media center...

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isn't it funny how Microsoft can put percentages on "power" that the demos have next to the final 360?

IMHO, Sony has won with hardware and software (just bursting with innovation they are, check EyeToy, Linux Kit, remember how out of the blue sony put a HDD drive in the ps2 design? innovation.) If you check out that microsoft report at IGN, most of it's sweeping generalisations and ignorance of the SPE's 256kb mem, which for an SPE is more than sufficient (oh, and they ignore that the RSX is directly linked to cell and that XDR RAM has a freq. of 3.2Ghz), the list is endles...

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Is nobody aware that none of the Xbox games were running off Xboxs? i cant remember where i saw the article, but in all the stands with xbox 360s supposedly running, there were infact two G5s stuffed inside the cases, with the Xbox not even turned on just sitting there on display.



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nice try microsoft......using somebody else's stuff to show how good their creations are. is that what you are sayin? : /

so......in all the presentations and comedex, and showcases all they did was bought some apple computers and emulated the games? why? is it because the xbox 360 still crashes too much? that's riduculous


searched around, and here's an intresting article. bastards.... http://www.anandtech.com/tradeshows/showdoc.aspx?i=2420&p=5

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I'll most likely buy an Xbox 360 over a PS3 since I'm very impatient and will buy one at launch. In response to previous posts, the xbox 360 isn't going to play xbox games (its not backwards compatible) and the powermac setups at e3 are supposed to only be 1/3 of the power of the actual xbox 360. I'm also buying a revolution because the design is damn nice and nintendo games are just classic.

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nice try microsoft......using somebody else's stuff to show how good their creations are. is that what you are sayin? : /

LMAO. kind of like that PS3 killzone demo where they hired a CG company to make them a movie demo?

the reason for it is because these are only alpha kits. the demos, much like halo at e3 2001, are being made for the final product, not for e3. developers havent even been given beta kits yet, so games CAN'T look as good as they will when they're released. trust me. xbox360 has it all. xbox live, great service, everything. sony didn't even include a harddrive built in this time around! what were they thinking? lol

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