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Would it be doable to have some sort of widget (for avedesk, preferrably) that would pop this spotlight thing up? The reason I ask is that some tiger themes (like Kol's one) have a spotlight icon in the taskbar, and one could simply place the widget over it.

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the widget thing is a great idea, I don't have a clue how to make them though. All you need is a basic widget that you could customize with a png of your choice (to match your skin), and an area where you can put the path and filename for the spotlight program (to pop up the menu)

I'm sure someone out there that makes widgets could create one like this in about 5 minutes

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Would it be doable to have some sort of widget (for avedesk, preferrably) that would pop this spotlight thing up? The reason I ask is that some tiger themes (like Kol's one) have a spotlight icon in the taskbar, and one could simply place the widget over it.

I agree that would be useful. Or maybe someway of actually making the VS so that the spotlight button on the task bar opens it by default maybe.

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1. Regarding the widget idea: IMO it's not really needed. if TomLapp420's program is activated by running an .exe (ie it doesn't sit in systray all the time) then all you need to do is create a regular Ave shortcut and set Searchlight to pop up under it.

2. Will the program allow searching by file date? For me that's a must.

3. Thanks again for your efforts, TomLapp420 :)

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a big thank you to tomlapp for giving us FREQUENT updates on how things are going

I can't wait. I was here last time you released a bunch of stuff Tom, and if thats any indication of whats in store for us, god help me it will be amazing

keep up the great work

ps: might I also add I like the customization idea for file types!

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yea, I could get a widget up 10 mins after the first nightly build (9mins for testing, playing with spotlight clone, 1min for widget itself :P).

So long as there's a switch for making the menu pop up, like [spotlight.exe /showMenu]

also, for file extensions:






.sln (programming related - VS solution)




.vcf (outlook/wab contact card... support for filtering the info in these as "people" would be great)



.wim (Windows IMage - used in LH setup disks... i don't think anyone other than the MS build labs use them, but you never know who will download this....)



that's about all i can think of that aren't particularly obvious. Most of em are developer-related, so you may not have em in your registry (depends what languages you code, i guess)

EDIT: oh, and nightly builds are a great idea. Hope to see one soon... good luck ;)

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i'm mad, I just discovered that the google desktop search doesn't list folders!!!! I couldn't figure out why spotlight wasn't ever displaying folders, then I did a regular desktop search and found out it didn't. So for now, it will be slightly limited, but I will figure out a way

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yes I did, thank you

I'm almost done the program, the main interface is complete with the exception of the correct icons, I have to write code to enable the program to extract the icons from the files that it searches. Graphics wise it's pretty much 1:1, I have some really good screenshots that i've been doing side by side comparisons with.

Then after that I have to create the preferences dialog for setting up all the user settings. You will be able to set up custom extensions and eventually custom groups (like applications, images, etc). So if you were me and you wanted a specific group for your visual basic projects, I would set up a custom group specifically for those extensions. Other than that the program will come with all the standard extensions that I have gathered (which are quite a few). I am also working on transparency, I had it working but for some reason it froze up whenever it was transparent, i've been searching the web for this problem so the first release won't be transparent yet.

As far as searching for folders, google desktop search doesn't search them. I am going to try to set up a way to search the folders also, I just hope I can set one up that is as fast as the google search.

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I know MSN just released a new version of their desktop search. It does search as you type, and returns folders in its results... was just wondering if this search app could be used as a back end?

Request: Could you add an easy interface to assign custom pngs for a file type? Maybe something like... you could pin the results window and drag'drop a png to the position of where the icon typically is displayed, and it be stored to represent that file type in the future. It would simply be classy ;) I could even live with this feature instead of writing code to parse out embedded icons of the filetype as usually people end up trying everything in their power to replace them anyways. whaddaya think?

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I am now ready to release the first beta test version, please note this one is buggy. The main reason for the release is I want to make sure I got any compatibility issues out of the way

The only problem is, I can't host files out of my computer so if someone could host a copy, I'm sure everybody would appreciate it

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