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New Spotlight clone

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Greeeeaaat update :D

But still one little problem:

- on opening txt-files I get the well-known "Runtime error 76 - Path not found (only in Show All window - in the search box it simply doesn't react)

- Office Files (doc, xls, ppt) don't open.

Everything else works just fine :D

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Build #12 is on the front page

Fixed the problem with opening files, I discovered an api that facilitates opening of files for me so I don't have to extract the info from the registry (which obviously doesn't work well). And I also changed the program icon to the spotlight icon (at least one I threw together with icondeveloper)

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Ah, that explains why we don't need the .Net framework. I've got visual studio.net but don't have a copy of VB6 on my machine, so it would be tough to pitch in. I could help out with hosting capability if needed.

I'm getting the emails under each entry as well, and the drop-down menu cuts off on the right after the right end of the Spotlight box. The Show All capability is sweet... I like where this is headed!

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Looks great, but unfortunately it does this, can't think why.

EDIT: And Tom, about your sig, if you think kit kat is clever, try aero, they actually advertise the fact that their chocolate has holes in it.

working on that right now, it's putting mail messages in all of the groups

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also, i just noticed that the "close menu when i click off" option seems to no longer work. minor annoyance though, i guess.

if clicking on another window, that window will take focus but it just sends the spotlight box to the back. if i click out of it onto the desktop, stays there.

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Want to use TomLapp420's Spotlight, but you use Steve Grenier's Mac OS X skin for WindowBlinds (there is no Spotlight icon in the system tray) ?

Well, here's a tip. Use the "Customize Format" feature of TClock and add 10 blank spaces to the end... that moves everything over so there's a perfect amout of space for TomLapp420's Spotlight.

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Okay, I am excited to try this. Downloaded google desktop search, spotlight build 12.

Copy/pasted the URL in the preferences thingy, but whatever I type in that box, I get nothing , while using Google Desktop Search gives me results.

Anything I'm doing wrong?

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