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New Spotlight clone

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For the 1 result you have to set the "Maximun search results per group:" to 7 or something and click the apply button. ;)

About the error you say in the results.I'm not sore maybe the GSD search inside the documents?!? or you didn't do something right. :slant:

PS. When you copy the code from RAW html did you copy from /ok? until the first " right?

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i've just downloaded both the google desktop search and the spotlight clone #6

I can say that it work quite fine But i want to know if

1. once u press the apply button in the preference, no other window show up.

2. my spotlight can only show up when i launch the exec file in the program file folder, so each time i want to

search i have to do the same way.

3. the show all item does not do anything but close the spotlight.

4. only 1 file exist in the project1 folder

i know this is only the beta/prerelease version, i just want to know if it should run that way.

other than that:

i got trouble while installing, it say my msvcrt.dll is being used so i have to manually copy the file

both in the dllcahe and system32 folder.

the spotlight shortcuts in the start menu have a bad link.

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Download the attached copy of spotlight.exe

run it and try to do a search, I had some incorrect variables in the program

if that doesn't work, try this:

1.Download the attached spotlight.exe and replace yours with it

2. Run the program, double-click spotlight to bring up the preferences window

3. After you have made sure that the url is correct, enter something into the Search Criteria box and click on the search button

4. As usual, you should see the results in the webbrowser box, this shows that your url is correct

5. Click on the Sniff Url button, at that point you should see the google desktop search main screen load in the webbrowser, and some html should show up on the bottom (should be very little)

6. Now exit the program and restart, see if it works. If it doesn't, please repeat all of the steps, after you click on sniff url, copy and paste the html code on here so I can further analyze it


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Now just to be sure, i'm guessing that everybody on here followed the main instructions posted earlier in this thread:

Under google desktop preferences, disable web history, change maximum search results to 100

if you haven't done that, goog luck trying to get it to work

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well whaddaya know...it finally worked!

what i did (these are not steps for you to take, rather the steps i took to get where i am):

- disabled web history, upped max search to 100 (must have missed those instructions previously)

- replaced old spotlight.exe with new spotlight.exe

- ran spotlight.exe

- entered text into search criteria

- clicked search

- (got results)

- clicked sniff url

- got runtime error 5; clicked OK then spotlight.exe crashed

- ran spotlight.exe again

- entered search text into SPOTLIGHT field...viola! results!

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erasing you reg will not do anything, if it is already working then it will always work from now on. I need someone that has NEVER had it bring up any results because supposedly the new exe I released should work right out of the box. Unfortunately if you already have it working, your no longer useful for testing this problem, but thanks

Once again, I need someone that HAS NOT HAD IT WORK AT ALL to install the fixed exe that i attached a couple of posts ago, run it and try to do a search. let me know what happens

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after I isolate this problem with bringing up no results, I will release the next build with that problem fixed.

The problem with images not loading is simply due to the fact that the windows image and fax viewer does not play nice with my program, eventually you will be able to customize what programs open what types of files yourself, right now it is attempting to rely on the windows registry to run files

I will also get started on some more features, like I said before it will be fully customizable, i'm even going to make it skinnable. But right now there's no point in skinning something that doesn't work properly

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yes it does, now I know I have fixed the problem, and I can start on some nifty features

The first feature will keep spolight running all the time, there will be a "button" that will allow the user to set up custom images for up and pressed states, this button will float above your windows taskbar or objectbar where the spotlight button would usually be. The custom image thing is for those who use different kind of themes, you can take the images right out of yor objectbar theme and set them up in the program

Thank you to everybody for your help in testing, there was no way I could have done this without everybody's help. As far as i'm concerned, there is more than one developer working on this program

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