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Dashboard Gadgets ported to Konfabulator

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Hi there,

first of all, great work from both of you. still figured out some small things to optimize (e.g. the close button on the converter widget is to close, or the info-i on the translator widget will show above the dropdownlist) I changed things like that for myself. nevertheless, absolutely great work.

I'm working on the weather widget, will finish it hopefully this weekend. Actually I work on the dropdownlist for the city-entry. I don't want to use a form or the preference-dialog, so I try it otherwise. A few questions:

Will the info-i be on the same porition after toggle view mode or move down (as I implemented it)?

Can someone help me out with the blue shining lines to focus the input textbox?

And unfortunately I haven't the font HelveticaNeue-Thin, so it doesn't look exactely like the original ;-(

some preview screenshots will follow.



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about weather:

do have a problem getting the data from accuweather, doing it via my browser, the xml (e.g. citylist) looks fine. doing it in the widget its empty. i mean, its not even quite legal to use konfabs or apples url. can someone help, best with a working way from accuweather or weather.com?


*edit* found a way, will try it tonight.

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no, it isn't. because the answer-xml-feed is empty. I do not know why, but when I try the url in the browser it works, when I try it with the same code, the K2 widget uses, it doesn't work. don't ask me why. I wish I had an answer, it would be much more easier instead of parsing html from weather.com (like I do it know).

I build the widget from scratch, but maybe I try to insert my code in the K2 widget and try it this way.

maybe it works.


*edit* found the reason why it wasn't working.

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well, pretty nice weather over here in Leipzig :)

cept today.. it stated raining :(

Anyway, I've been pretty busy with real life, but once I'm done with a few things I'm gonna be releasing the dashboard and bugfixed/enhanced versions of the dashboard widgets. ATM I'm gettin Tiger to run well by using progman as my shell, disabling unneeded services until ram useable is 70MB, then running PearPC :P works like a charm. Good thing about this is that I get to see all the widgets in action, so the next few will prolly be more realistic (flip animations, anyone?)

EDIT: BTW; when I release these sometime in June, they're gonna be as a set, including all the stock dashboard widgets working together with 100% dashboard replication. I'll post a teaser sometime soon (and I doubt you'll believe its XP ;))

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No it brings up a browser and you can choose between all of ccn feeds when you hover over the headline it will scroll more info for that headline.Clicking on the headline opens it in browser, clicking on feed title opens browser to that feed (say Top Stories).

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I think that first of all, we should concentrate on doing STANDARD widgets clones from Dashboard, becasue this is more important than the rest. We are still waitin' for Weather widget and few others, so please concetrate on standard and then make others. Anyway... CNN widget looks promising.

@Pooky: Please don't push our magicians, let they work in calm and funny atmosphere...

@Ghostwalker: keep it up.

@Saladin: keep all up! ;)


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Ghostwalker - could you consider making a BBCWorld feed widget as well? Let's just say I dislike CNN :)
Ive got an email sent to the author of BBC widget for dashboard asking for permission. The BBC widget is almost done also and when and if I get permission I will release .
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