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Dashboard Gadgets ported to Konfabulator

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Oh, and for those you emailing me, moaning that only 1 definition is given in the screenshots, take a look:

Anyone "moaning" about anything that they don't feel is up to par related to ANY of these ass kickin' widgets deserves a swift back hand to the face! Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!!!

Nate Dogg ;)

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well, it doesn't DO an awful lot. Widgets are based on the principle of quick and easy access to information. That thing didn't really do that. It just called up a web page. Good widgets take lots of code, efficient handling of resources (i.e. not creating a new image object for every state buttons can take), and to make them good followers of this principle, the information must be retrieved inside the widget. The new dictionary/thesaurus widget will be up shortly tho.

I'd say maybe Sunday, and will be based on K:2 (depends on how much has changed, so long as the widget works like it does now and maybe offers a few new features sunday will be ok). Then it's off to the weather widget :)

Oh, and scrollbars are an optional thing, but they ARE in there :)

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Whoah! Nice set released here!

Just a lil question about stickies: It's possible to launch a new spawned sticky from an external .js (or .bat) file? I mean, It'd be really great to be able to launch a new sticky from the dock...


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hey, this has probably be brought up many a time... but the dashboard widgets, are made to be tested in safari, or firefox... why can the code simply be translated for one of the windows apps?

EDIT: ah yes, i found out myself, i didnt realize they used cocoa in the widgets... ah well..

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Just to throw my hat into the mix - for those of you that use DesktopX, you can have all these widgets with the inclusion of a OSX system preference AND toolbar AND spotlight. That's right my friends, all three can be yours for the ridiculous price of nothing! Still a few weeks away from another full release but hey, it's progress.

Includes the iTunes widget (really a WMP remote that fully integrates with WMP to display not only the song information with controls but turn the widget around and see the cover art as well.

There's the world clock with 30+ programmed cities plus the ability to add any city you with - just tell it your GMT and destination.

The calender is there with a todo list, as is the calculator too. The weather object is just about complete but is working. The stickies make an appearance as does an beta of the address book widget.

A BBC newsfeed is included along with stock quotes, a webcam, the tile game and translator. Dictionary and Phone Book is almost complete as well.

If that's not enough, the theme includes a preference panel so that you can change the appearance of the Spotlight feature, text fonts, drive icons, media controls - pretty much anything that needs to be changed.

Stop by Four13 Designs here and download the latest version.

NOTE: Currently only for 800x600 screen resoultion. Soon to be resolution independent by next release.

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nice work on SophOS, but IÄve had nothingbut problems with it. Until the point where I just can't use my computer any more. Dunno why, I think I am just incompatible with DesktopX, but it is a very nice release. Good stuff ;)

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OK; dictionary part of the widget is finished and the thesaurus part is like... 80% done.

PLEASE post some screens of the Tiger dictionary widget. I can't release it until someone shows me how it looks in operation.

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ok thanks (finally!)

I'd say, whilst not being an exact 1:1 replica, this widget does the job.

It's now finished functionality-wise. I'm using the forward/back arrows as a sort of search history. The scroll bar is different, but that's less my fault and more a limitation of konfabulator. Release later today / tomorrow

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you want customisation? take a look at Konfabulator:2

(unfortunatley there's no reference guide for the new features yet, but I'm looking about through the stock widgets and adding my own implementations into the dictionary)

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doood, ur widgets are awsome, i do got a bug on the dictionary tho, after awhile it won't roll up the definition page, whether the "roll when out of focus" is checked or unchecked. i'm using an upgraded v. 2 but i'm gonna uninstall and clean install in a bit, which may be the prob.

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