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[Challenge] Make a widget that displays an SWF file

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All I need is a widget which displays an swf in a frame.

Anyone up to the challenge?

I will provide the flash files once completed, but until then, my reasoning is secret.

Secondary challenge, a widget which displays java.


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With Samurize, there is a flashviewer plugin which enables this functionality. With Konfab or Avedesk, I don't think there is a native plugin / extension which can achieve this as far as I know.

Could it be possible to display a stripped down version of IE with Konfab or Avedesk ? The Flash file or Java can be quite easily displayed then. I suggest this as an alternative because there is one such stripped / bare-bones browser plugin built for Samurize.

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Then Why should you use Stripped down version of IE??? that would suck !

Instead why not creating DLL which will use Flash ActiveX control within AveDesk, or even better... Flash can be used in Application (SWF file), there's ought to be documentation on Macromedia Developer Center... you will know what I mean if you use Yahoo Messenger, the feature "Audibles" used SWF animations.

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By "stripped down version of IE" I meant a browser control without the usual titlebar, buttons and addressbar that you see when you launch IE - not crippled in terms of functionality in any way !

This is precisely what the MiniBrowser hovercontrol .dll for Samurize does ;)

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I know what he means, when he says "Stripped version of IE"... I've used that before. But it's all the same, most of the stuff which you do using the full browser (IE), you can do using the "Stripped" one.

My Point was, why bring IE in middle if you can directly access SWF file. Unfortunately I do not have proper links to documentations, but I'm dead sure that you can use SWF files in application interface. If someone just who is good at hunting can find something useful from Macromedia site.

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There is speculation that Konfabulator will be following along the lines of DesktopX and integrating the ability to host activex controls, which would let you host flash files, among a poopton of other things. But currently its impossible with it's limitations.

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