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[Help] Connecting PCs via Bluetooth

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I don't think networking two computers via bluetooth would be very good. Bluetooth is like 1mbps because it is designed for wireless headsets, mouse, etc. It would be very slow to connect two computers together...

Also, you should give the topic a better name, such as "[Help] Connecting PCs via Bluetooth" rather than "is there any way"

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i believe all the man wanted to do was to ask if there WAS a way. i clicked on this thread hoping for something more constructive than other ppl puttin him down :(

gaurav, i dont know wat you mean by CONNECT, but if you mean transferring files, the two coms should have BTs turned on and paired each other. and once paired, windows should detect a nearby computer and will start to allow file transfer.

im not quite sure about joinin the 2 coms in a PAN (personal area network) because i havent quite done it before. it depends on the dongle really. and the firmware you have. can you tell more specifics about your computer and BT builds?

im lookin for a way to do this too. if anyone has any suggestions about how it can be done, that would be quite helpful.

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gaurav, you said "cheap and wireless" right? have you tried connecting thru wifi? i've done that before and its relatively simple (assuming both coms are recently updated with sp2).

if you'd like to know how, reply here and i'll point it out. if you arent interested, then i shan't waste my precious energy tappin on the keyboard :)

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i honestly think that to transfer files, its easier to use BT, because all you need to do is pair the devices and you're good to go.

still gaurav, im waiting to know wat you mean by CONNECT.

an adhoc network will allow you to do much more than transfer files. play games, stream movies and share internet are just a few of them, and they cant be accomplished by BT.

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what kind of range can you get out of bluetooth, and also is it directional (ie a BT mouse... does it have to be pointed at the base/dongle thingy)...

sortof offtopic: im wondering if my tower can be at 90 degrees to the mouse direction and like 20 feet away?

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the recent BT dongles can reach up to a range of 30 feet (unobstructed). and no, BT is a radio wave. unlike IR, which is a an electromagnetic wave, and has to be directed. BT waves travel all around, and is not limited to the angles which IR is.

gaurav, if all you need to do is to transfer files, it depends on the sizes of the files. if you need help with something, i hope you could be a lil bit more specific. like how large are the files?

small files: its easier to pair up your coms with BT and transfer.

Large files: better to have a WIFI adhoc connection. setup is a lil bit more tedious, but it works faster.

info: BT transfers at about 500kbps with a range of 30feet

WIFI transfers at approximately 5-11mbps(802.11b) at a range of 150feet.

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