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[Preview] Dashboard Dock for Konfabulator 1.8.4+

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/me looks at unbe and at the néwbîé

/me gets vodka and popcorn and watches the barfight while betting 30dinars on Unbe (if you win ill buy you a box of paprika pringles)

oh and btw, Duckie never left the community, he just recently posted a widget not too long ago.

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4.9. Action: "Bumping" (posting needlessly to) threads without good reason. People do not want to see a four-month old thread, just because you think it's important. If they want to read an old thread, they will find it themselves. Only post to old topics if you have something which directly contributes to the topic of discussion, or furthers the commentary.

Result: Offending post(s) removed.

sean.fletcher and Staphyl199, this your first official release. Next time you bump a thread or bug a developer, you will be suspended for a week. Third time is a permanent ban.

It`s your choice..


/Posts deleted, thread cleaned up


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I gave up on it.

I had given it to Saladin, but recent events have made me pull out of all my developments for this community.

i think that sums up the status of this thread. if someone else wants to make a similar release he should do it in his or own thread.

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