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[Preview] Dashboard Dock for Konfabulator 1.8.4+

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This is what I am trying to accomplish.

A Dashboard launcher.

It is set to appear only when the hotkey (in this case, F8) is pressed, just like Dashboard.

I am basing this off of Arr MiHardies' WidgetDock.

I recieved full permission from him through the Konfab boards.

My only issue at this time is the text under the icons.

As it stands now, they only become visible upon hover.

I want the text labels to remain static AND have the shadow. So basically, double up on the text.

If anyone can help, please message me in this thread.

i will offer the code to anyone who asks, but I will not release this until it is finished.

Thanks for your help.


Drag and drop shortcuts

Slide animation


Edit/delete item

Fits up to 1600 wide desktop


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You are currently using some of my icons - not that I mind. Just please let me know when you plan on releasing the theme and include a quick thankyou (blah blah). Thankyou.

Icons used:

BBC Newsfeed, Webfeed, Stock Ticker, Tile Game

I actually hadn't planned on releasing the icons, just the dock

but daaaamnmnn you have good eyes

Are you always on the look out for such things?

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Maybe you can have the name of the widget show up when you hover over it's icon, rather than show up under it?

Anyways, this looks very promising. I can't wait till the release.

And if you need testers, I am always here. ;)

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