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Will AveDesk 1.3 ever see daylight?

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I'd suggest you make it payware, you've put a lot of time and effort into this wonderful app, it's time to get some profit out of it, if people don't want to pay for it, they still can use 1.1 or 1.2.

Making it opensource is not a good idea IMO, people would ruin it, sorry people, it's just my personal thought :)

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open source'd in the hands of a tight group of core developers and your vision of AveDesk might really flourish. in the wrong / lazy hands it would probably just languish. i take adium as a great example of a flourishing and relatively small opensource project that has a wide and avid user base.

if you make i payware would the income be significant enough to keep you working on it? plus if you make it payware you have to deal with anti-piracy measures... or the honor system (yeah, right :/ )

or you can try selling it :)

i'd probably try to sell it if i were you. maybe herd's in the market? :P

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I think the whole idea of open source is getting to be a bit distorted...Open source does not necessarily mean better, as the old expression goes "Too many cooks ruin the stew" (or something to that effect). Not that open source is bad... I just don't like the idea of AveDesk being open source.

I agree with duyvan82, in that you should keep 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 free (or donation), and make 1.3 payware. At least you'll get some pocket money for all the work you've put in.

Maybe as a middle ground, you could find a small group of people to help develop/maintain AveDesk. You could find perhaps 5-10 people who you could share the source code for AveDesk with and then they could help you with development.

I wholeheartedly understand you not having the full time to work on AveDesk. I'm in third year engineering right now and it can really be a pain in the ass... I'm amazed at the fact that you've been able to make AveDesk this incredible in such a short amount of time. Whatever your choice is, I think you've already gained a huge amount of respect from the people who use AveDesk.


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dreadnaut's 2 cents:

if it was for me, I would say "go on! we are waiting for 1.3!". I actually have a small list of things waiting for an official 1.3 feat. req. thread :P But it's not about me.

  • If you still want AD to be your program but to get some revenue too, make it payware. I won't mind spending a few euros in the end. But making it payware will give you clients, and they will be asking for more :) a bit of support, a bit of fixes, a bit of development. You may find yourself spending even more time on it.
  • Open source would be nice, you could keep control on the project without writing another line of code if you don't have time to, but you will need time to prepare the code (well, maybe it's already tidy and perfectly readable...) and later to handle a bunch of hackers willing to add add add add add modify add add features. Roadmaps, planning, bla bla bla...
  • third way: take it easy. 1.2 is working fine, it has no serious bugs. IMO, you could wait other 2/3 month before starting to work on a next version. Maybe coming out with a 1.2.1 if you fix a few bugs, or just some work on the desklets. The tiger bar is not essential, come on ! Maybe you could find some time for the documentation... Me and Rimmer are eagerly waiting, but other people aswell had ideas about modules and desklets. A full VBscriptable desklet (a bit like the effectlets) would let people write easily their own code. In small words: slowly on the big work, a couple of sweets to keep us happy :P

you can see that I'm biased mostly toward (2) and (3)... I would have some honey to dig in... but I think you should choose the thing that will keep AD something -fun- to work on. When it gets annoying, that's the wrong direction ;)

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whatever you make it... DONT STOP DEVELOPPING !

im studying too, and during the semester i got very few time as well. but you should have vacation if im not wrong. we are indeed waiting for new versions. the decision whether you make it open source or payware lies by you tho. for sure open source would give the development a boost.

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Just started to use the product and I love it.. Was planning to probably do a few of my own docklets.

Open source does have its advantage. But whats to say it will actually continue in the "Good" direction.

Payware will not solve the fact you have little time. But 5$ I doubt will give you enough reason to keep it going. Consider that once you got a price tag, you fall in the area of piracy etc etc..

You may want to consider, having a price tag for the source code and "extras". Also 5$ is way to little. 10,15,20 would be better. This would result in people who want to give you cash would do so with that option. And the potential future devs would also pay for it. Have a license agreement that the person can't modify the code without your consent. Then watch back and see the people submit changes to you. Approve them or refuse the changes would take less of your time. And in the future a list of devs would be formed that would control the software, should you decide to step down.

But till then its your baby, and you would still have control.

Either way...I would hate to see you drop it.. if you really want to drop it..don't let it die open source it before you drop it.

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Please dont FLAME me, but here's a thought.....

sell it to Micro Soft for their Upcomming OS, cause Tiger sure looks cool with their widgits and it sure would be nice to have a standard widget package for an Micro Soft OS, just a thought.....

It would be nice in the future OS...But put it this way. Microsoft would manage to screw it up like they "sorta" did with the themes. You can't use it unless you install another persons ($$) hack to change the engine of the themes. Plus I would hate to wait for Longhorn which is probably going to be released in 2007. Only to find out its closed door policy to have more widgets. Or worst, this will probably be used has an excuse to delay it again. Or pull it out like their WINFS which they can't seem to make it work well, considering their is plenty of other FS open source that they can read from.

Besides, MS wouldn't bother buying it. They would rather make a new version and blow all chance of fair market out of their os.

Also, MS way of thinking, is they only buy out the "Best". AveDesk would require to have it's own real website. Release 100s of desklets/docklets even if the its the same repeated stuff. Have their own library to search from. Flood the customize windows websites with its software, get a bunch of awards from CNET and a few other mags. And then, only then would MS actually consider the idea. Basically show that you work like they do.

Not flamming, just telling you how MS operates.

In the end, its AndreasV that will make the decision. Keeping a project alive while your running out of time, is always hard. Money gives you an insentive to keep it alive. 5$, I doubt is enought. What ever you choose to do, just please don't let it die and fade away. At the very least, before you leave it, release it. It is possible that it will live on. I would love to get my hand into it.

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honestly andreas I'd pay for Avedesk 1.3, b/c I use Avedesk 1.2 alot and its become an integral part of using my computer. It doesnt use that many resources and overall it is great to use so I wouldn;t mind paying 15$ for avedesk with 5 or 6 widgets. As far as the people who are going to just hack it or whatever , please have some decency and realize this isn't Microsoft or Adobe but just one man who had so far given us his time, effort and a number of useful appps for free.

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i think someone suggested earlier that making it payware won't give you more time to work on it if time is your real constraint. If people are more than happy to pay for it, please feel free to donate to Ave now.

Whatever you do, please don't stop the development b/c AveDesk is a really app and i use it constantly.

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A payware will be hack anyway and there is even no metter how much - such is the fate all good progs. And there is always Samurize as oss alternative. Do it an open source project.

I agree, if you charge people will crack it/distrubte it illegally or just use a free alternative. I feel that AveDesk has always been a community application, so I think it should remain that way. As something everyone can add to and improve, as a community.

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Okay, thanks for all your input and suggestions. I've been all reading them carefully.

On opening the source - I didn't say OSS ;) -, a lot of people said "yes, do it", most of them without argumentation. I know that it would open up possibilities for other people to work on avedesk, get inspiration from it, etc etc, but in reality, I think, I don't see anybody doing that.

I agree that making AveDesk payware will give me more time, but it will sure give me more motivation. Seriously, it's an option I consider, but I prefer to keep it 'donationware', which basically means pay if you want. Dreadnaut raises a good point that making avedesk payware will make its users clients, something that can be even more time-consuming.

Resuming: I need more time to think about avedesk's direction.

Therefore, I'm working on AveDesk 1.3 right now, which won't have many new things in it. It will probably only contain bugfixes and much needed interface enhancements.

I hope to get the COM-events (VB WithEvents) ready so it can be tested on a larger scale. COM-object desklets would open up AveDesk to more languages, like VB, Delphi and all of the .NET languages thru interop. I'll need a talk with herd about this though.

@pcm: I'll send you an example desklet tonight, as requested.

@dreadnaut: I'm also trying to write some more documentation on all events/functions, but maybe that will just be a quick doxygen run :confused: .

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One thing about "hacking" software... it takes some skill. For a relatively small application like AveDesk, I'm not too sure that it would be that big of a deal.

However, AveDesk is getting more and more recognition... Samurize has been mentioned in a few PC mags that I've seen, and I'm sure it won't be long before AveDesk is as well. You could always keep 1.2 free/donation-ware to help curb the amount of piracy, and leave 1.3 for those of us who really care about it.

Don't stress out too much Ave! You've already exceeded many of our expectations with 1.2. Two thumbs way up for you!

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